The kid with the curly hair

The kid with curly hair; bouncing off the walls; making loud outbursts; causing a commotion everywhere he goes; just wants to accepted. He know he’s different and not everyone understands that; but beneath that storm of wildness is a gentle kid who loves everyone; he doesn’t judge and thinks the best of people; even if at times he’s says and does things he regrets instantly. The kid with the curly hair just wants to be just like everyone else but he knows deep inside he doesnt fit and that hurts. The harder he tries the lonelier he feels. He’s scared and shy; wants to be your friend but just doesn’t have the courage to say hello; so he sits in the corner by himself watching the others play ; lost in his own world. Maybe some day he can be a part of that but for now he’s on his own. But I love that kid with the curly hair cause that kid is me.




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