Free verse pathway…

Animate my life, radiate my strife, cut me like a knife but stay out of sight.Won’t you tell me how, slow-moving like a cow, words that are now, words that make you say “Wow!”Free verse, a curse ( or course), tell me what it’s worth, straight from the Earth, the birth of a puzzle, put a muzzle on thoughts that can’t be bought or sought after.Rhymes are a crime, when they spew from the mind, the kind that goes a million miles an hour, a cup of sour milk is spilt on the table while I weave a fable of lies and surprise you with more disjointed words.The end of this poem is near and I’ll stop it here but don’t fear, my hand is sore and I won’t write anymore. At least not tonight. Well, alright, till tomorrow. ūüíĖ


I see the red lights flash from my window; thinking it may be the police; there might be trouble

Instead I see a firetruck racing down the street; it’s strange since the ambulance didn’t make a sound; just flashed it’s lights; I feel sense of dread hoping one of my neighbors aren’t hurt.¬† Ambulances and firetruck always make me nervous.

Every time I see firetrucks and people lined up in the street;¬† with smashed up cars and stretchers; I say a little prayer. Those poor people; in a sad way; glad that it’s not me; I feel terrible for thinking that way but I’m only human

Only a few minutes later I hear a loud repetitive beeping sound; I check my room to see if my alarm has gone by accident but it’s coming from outside; from the truck turning around; I guess.

The truck was only here for a few moments and I hope everyone is ok; maybe they turned into the wrong neighbor or it was a false alarm.

If only they could put out the fire in my heart because it burns.


Written late at night before bed; as I was just about to drift off to sleep





The phone call

I pick up the phone with my quivering sweaty; hands, frantically dialing the number in desperation; reaching out for help. Nothing but silence on the receiver. Come on come on I say in frustration as my anxiety builds and my heart beats out of my chest at lightening speed. I look down and to my realization, I see the cord had been cut, the line dead and I just ran out of luck because they’ve found me. I’m done for.








The Ocean


Feeling drowned in my own sorrows; dragged to the bottom by  pity and despair; feeling like a failure

As blue as the deep ocean; surrounded by coral grief; alone; floating in the cold water; waiting for a rescue boat that may never come.

I swam out for a midnight swim but got swept by a tidal wave; caught; gasping for air; in the merciless sea; I’m drowning in my own confusion.

Oh how am I ever going to get to the surface where the moon is shining so bright? My feet seem to be mercilessly¬† anchored to the sea floor and I know I’m running out of time; so I wait here in vain as I run out of breath and become a shark’s next meal; if only I had stayed on the beach.

The kid with the curly hair

The kid with curly hair; bouncing off the walls; making loud outbursts; causing a commotion everywhere he goes; just wants to accepted. He know he’s different and not everyone understands that; but beneath that storm of wildness is a gentle kid who loves everyone; he doesn’t judge and thinks the best of people; even if at times he’s says and does things he regrets instantly. The kid with the curly hair just wants to be just like everyone else but he knows deep inside he doesnt fit and that hurts. The harder he tries the lonelier he feels. He’s scared and shy; wants to be your friend but just doesn’t have the courage to say hello; so he sits in the corner by himself watching the others play ; lost in his own world. Maybe some day he can be a part of that but for now he’s on his own. But I love that kid with the curly hair cause that kid is me.



What should we talk about?

What should we talk about next; wait forget talking I’d rather text

I hate the sound of my voice; and I’d rather type if I had a choice

Can’t I just write what I feel; aren’t words just as real; as satisfying as your last meal?

Can you deal with that or should I just converse with the cat who has sat by my side all this time; from the corner of my eye; he’s getting bored as I notice him climb his way out my view; all alone I no longer know what to do and I guess at this moment this little post is through. Just a little diddy just for you.





Late at night thoughts before bed

Late at night I replay the days events; things I wish I could have said and things I regret saying; unspoken zingers; radiating out in the form of mumbles with my head to the floor looking at my two left feet. Like Dylan once stated ” I got a head full of ideas and they’re driving me insane”

The thoughts swirl around my head like a hurricane of ideas and theories which will only be published in the magazine of my mind; where I am the only subscriber; 35 years strong; this publication.

My body aches from a hard day’s work and my mind is mush from the symphony of chaotic noises I must endure; endlessly on repeat; ad nasuem. In fact ,I wonder when all of us are gone; who will be the one to turn down the radio of consumerism; since no one is there to buy their concept of happiness; no one¬† to half heartedly sweep the floor; while the old men up top; chomp cigars and crunch numbers.

If this is freedom; than walk me back to my cell; where I can be alone; twiddling my thumbs until I am released and able to be a free man. Just leave me be; but do me a favor: can you at least give a notepad and a pen. I’ll send out my writing to a trained pigeon to spread my word of despair to the masses.

And by the way none of this makes sense to me either and that’s the way I like it.

Be cool, my friends.



Shouting into the abyss

Shouting into the abyss; into a valley down below; full of tumbleweeds and broken dreams

The crescent moon shining so bright on this mountain top; the shadow of once was and may never be again

I’m left shaken and out of words so the shouts turn to whispers; loud enough to break the longest of silences; which are broken by the sound of crashing waves on an empty beach.

Night sky, carry me home so I can lay my weary head to rest and finish that dream I long to understand…

Alone tonight

Hot summer night; feeling lonely; the world¬† is asleep; I’m still up

Eyes red, head fuzzy, and my mind has been aching for ages;  my feet are on fire; all for peanuts

I walk alone; even in a crowd of billions; misunderstood; head in the clouds; almost into a telephone pole of oblivion; i should watch my step

words flow out with little regard for sense making; an even flow of music and sleepy time vibes.

Goodnight until we fly on tomorrow.


Finally getting some rest

Taking the day off and getting some rest; lately things have been crazy and I haven’t been my best;¬† I haven’t slept and I haven’t kept up with my taking caring myself; I’ve dealt with a lot of¬† stress in a short period of time; been working long hours and not made a dime; it’s almost a crime. Been running from here to there all over town; I have been stressed and really down; a perpetual frown. I feel hurt and dismissed; kinda cranky and a little pissed; I feel like i missed so much because I’ve been so busy;¬† I haven’t been able to focus on me. I’m just going to sit in this chair; not moving; not lifting a finger; total self care; I deserve it; I ain’t going anywhere today and you know what they say ” All work and no play…