Jesus and socialism

I am reading the bible and I am now on the book of acts. Some of passages talk about how they all sold their possessions; owning nothing and all lived together. Sounds like an early form of socialism to me. In fact most of the passages regarding helping the poor and the sick, not hoarding or using people for your personal gain sounds like the exact opposite of the capitalist system we have here in the states. As Christians, how can you justify free market capitalism? And is there such a thing as Christian socialism, if so can it work?

Thanksgiving challenge

Your friend, David here. Well it is Thanksgiving week and I have a challenge for all of my friends. I want you to do something good for someone this week; whether it be volunteering, donating to charity, listening to a friend or helping a neighbor; anything that makes the world a better place. But here’s the kicker; don’t tell anyone your good deed or take credit. Please share and spread the word. #thanksgivingchallenge

America ( a work in progress)

America, the land of the free is not what it used to be or never was cause as far as I can see something is very wrong. We live in a society where the few who are rich are protected while the rest of the poor are rejected, I wonder if this what our forefathers expected when they said all men are created equal; I dunno I’m waiting for the sequel. I for one feel like an outsider, a lone rider in this vast place, another nameless face and my words you wish to erase, but I won’t go away, I’ll stay and say what I know is right, I’m not afraid of your strength and might. You work me to death but i’ll fight every breath to survive in spite of you. I slave the day away but you refuse to pay me what i deserve, I’m worthless so you kick me to the curb and leave me stranded on my own and laugh when i moan in agony. I don’t want your American dream; in fact it makes me want to scream in frustration because nothing changes and nothing ever will so i guess i have to swallow your pill and do what I’m told. I don’t know how else to end this except with this…. silence….

What touches me the most is when my writing reaches people who have been through the same experiences as me as they say that reading what I wrote helped them. That means the world to me. I feel humbled and surprised with the responses I have gotten. I have been through times where I was lucky to make it alive without a scratch on me and I wondered why god spared me. I now realize what his purpose for me was and why he gave me the gift of writing.

You saved me

I was alone and living a wretched life; full of strife and my heart cut from the world’s knife. You saved me from a life of wrongdoings, consequences from the ruins of living my life apart from you, everything i said and did you knew, i was never out of your view. I cursed your name but you loved me just the same as you healed the lame you healed me; took me some time to see your grace because I was in a dark place away from you. You help me to write and life a live close to your will but still I find myself drifting back into my old ways of anger and self pity but I ask for your help but not in a yelp but shouting by your name. Bring me back to a better life, away from strife, and continue to save me each day as I pray for your forgiveness.