The silence of yesterday

A distant figure with a smile you could see for miles and a dye tie t-shirt. who I was too afraid to talk to and who I thought would never talk to me. It’s like it happened yesterday but it was so long ago, it’s was on my mind all week, butterflies in my stomach, a lump in my throat, shaking from perpetual nervous, Was this the right moment? No, too many people, here’s my chance, I walk up to her, she’s giving me a blank stare, I open my mouth to speak but all that comes out is silence, a silence so loud that everyone could hear, she looks confused, I hear the laughter of my critical peers, I am dumbfounded, I hang my head down in defeat, I run from this scene without looking back and hide for the safety of my poetry. 😔

Dark clouds

I left home with sunny skies, hopeful for a new day, as I drove further on, dark clouds hovered above me, my optimism faded along with the hope of a bright day, my smile replaced with a worried look of concern as the sky grew darker, raindrops pummeled my windshield, tears from the sky, all was lost. I turned around and went back home, defeated and back in my cocoon of a room, safe and sound .🌧 🚗 🏠

Shaming those who are highly sensitive

It really bothers me that there is so much shaming online ( particularly towards men) for being highly sensitive, it is seen a weakness by many and something that should be hidden away and replaced with being “tougher” and more “dominant” A lot of these videos tell others that no one likes a highly sensitive person, it’s an unattractive quality because people who are successful have to win at all costs and sensitive people are afraid to get what they want, this is a total lie and it only serves to hurt and shame us who ARE sensitive, we aren’t being emotional to seek attention, we genuinely want to connect with others and share our feelings openly and shouldn’t be shamed for it, it’s brain chemistry, it’s who we are. So never feel ashamed of being highly sensitive, embrace it and show it the world. Much love, Dave. 😍🌷


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As I work through my emotions and really start looking at them, the numbness fades and the floodgates of tears start streaming out, sometimes it’s sadness, sometimes it comes from gratitude, sometimes happiness and sometimes just the beauty of things, the firey dusk sky, a poignant scene in a film or a beautiful piece of music, I feel my eyes welling with tears at the simplicity of the small things in life, the things I missed when I felt so numb, now I feel deeply, crying is healing and I don’t have to explain or justify it is, I just have to accept it and be at peace with my watery eyes.. 😪

Listening to Bob for the first time.

When I was younger, I got a lot of my musical influences from my brother, he liked a lot of alternative and classic rock but one day when I was about 12, he had this cd of this guy with dreadlocks and the album was called “Legend” by Bob Marley. I didn’t know who Bob Marley was and I had never heard Reggae before. I borrowed it and put in my Discman to listen to at school, I fell in love with the music right away, I had never heard anything like it before but it was just so mellow and peaceful, relaxing music. I must have listened to that album on repeat for weeks, I didn’t have a lot of friends at school so I used my music as an escape, While they were playing kickball, I was in the corner listening to Bob Marley for the first time, way before those ever kids knew about him. Every time I hear that music, it brings back to that feeling of peacefulness during a chaotic time in my life, and my heart warms and I smile, it brings back some good memories; discovering music for the first time is magical at that age. 🎵 🎸

Somewhere out there

One day, I am going to find someone who likes me as much as I like them, someone who can look past my nervous foot-tapping and anxious sighs, someone that accepts for me for me, someone I can connect with, I don’t have wait in vain for a response because they’re always there, someone who’s there for me as much as I’m there for them, someone to laugh with and a shoulder to cry on when I need a friend, mutual smiles; give and take. I hope and pray that someone is out there somewhere, I’ve yet to find them but I have patience