Oh social media..

Somedays I’m high off your vibes

A notification here, a message there, oh someone liked my post and even commented

So much activity and so much to absorb

Seeing people through the lens of what they choose to post but it’s not reality,no one’s hitting home runs every day

I’m feeling great, my head’s a buzzing..

But suddenly the likes fade, the messages cease and I wonder if I’ve been forgotten. Maybe I should scroll more? No, that will make me even more anxious

I no longer feel as happier as I did an hour ago, I feel worse, I feel frustrated at people I don’t even know

The high is gone and I’m coming down.

Crash and burn and I want to hide away.

Fucking addiction, the one who run this place I hate them, they know what they’re doing.

I say I’m done for a while, of course, I wake up the next day and start all over again, woe is me when this post goes unnoticed ..😕


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