For the longest time, I thought you didn’t love me, you didn’t care. I called for you so many times and I felt ignored, so I ignored you and went on my own way, two can play at this game. I forged my own path without you because I could make it my own just fine. And I survived, I lived my life without you, I carried on. But I felt empty and lost and still angry, angry at everything and everyone. My heart became stone, an unsurmountable wall. But still I carried as if this was the way life was supposed. I searched and searched for answers elsewhere, coming up short everytime. Even in the places, I thought I might find you, you didn’t seem to be there, much to my surprise. But one day alone more morning, you did seem to come back, you spoke to me. And I finally heard you. And I realized that as far as I tried to run, you were there the only time. You weren’t ignoring me, I just couldn’t hear you, I wasn’t ready. Now it’s clear. No matter how far I stray, you’ll always be there, you just had to reach me in a way that finally made sense. Just me and you, so the rest of the noise doesn’t drown you out. You were patient and I will take that patience on, whenever i need you and the answer isnt as fast as I’d like because I know it will come eventually. And that[s all I have to say.. for now..

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