A letter to John Lennon

A letter to John Lennon

John i write this about you even though we never met and you died 2 years before I was born. It is the eve of your untimely death 37 years ago and I thought I would tell you how I feel. You were a wonderful man with a beautiful soul. It hurts beyond belief that you; a person who stood for peace and love were gunned by a madman intent on your fame. He took your life; but he didn’t take your spirit; your spirit leaves on through your music and your words. I am angry that you were taken from all of us; leaving behind a grieving widow and a young son who was now forced to grow up without a father. It makes no sense and here we are 37 years later and gun violence has only increased in that time; I often think what you be saying about this if you were alive. Give peace a chance would sound great about now; it wasn’t silly then and it isn’t silly now. Obviously I admire the music you made with Paul and the others. I grew up listening to the Beatles; in fact I cant remember a time where I didn’t hear your music. It gave me so much comfort in my sad days and made me jump for joy when I was feeling happy. Songs like strawberries fields and a day in the life were a soundtrack to my life growing up. Of all of the Beatles, I think you were the most innovative; the one always looking ahead. I loved your sense of sarcasm and wit; always the wisecracker; it came out in your songs. It makes me feel like I am not the only one on constant sarcasm mode. I admire that fact that at a time when so many musicians stayed silent; you were the first to speak out against war and talked about this crazy thing called peace. Even today peace and love are such a strange concept to most people; something that can never be achievable but you said All you need is love and I am inclined to believe you. John, the world misses you. The world needs someone like you right now to speak out and give others the courage to do the same. Wherever you are John just realize you made a difference in this world and we are all better for it. Thank you. Your friend, David


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