A world that gone mad

Heartbroken, disillusioned, brutality with impunity.

A grieving nation, decades of abuse at the hands of glaring repression.

Some are wide awake and others are choosing to stay under the covers while those at the top remain silent, their own brand Miranda rights, one designed to fit their narrative.

Talking heads from the Television, fanning the flames of division and hatred, I choose not to pay attention to them, I see the images and I can draw my own conclusions, I’m disheartened.

I feel angry, everyone’s feeling it, it’s been at a boil for decades, the great society is falling apart at the seams. The honeymoon between lady liberty and I have long past ( If there ever was one, to begin with.) My hope and faith in her are no more, lost in my tears and frustration.

Love fails to reach us, hate has overtaken us, so much misunderstanding, so much distrust, total chaos, and destruction; only God was can help us now, 🙏




Music: The refuge

Music the refuge, lost in a sea of slow piano notes, the beauty of it all, the trouble of the world around me disappears, transported to a far off world of peace and tranquility. On a boat above calming waters, with the light of the moon to guide me.
Entranced in these notes, feeling secure in the art of the distant past, self-expression through music, no words are needed, the keys speak for themselves, slowly drowning out tonight’s concerns as I close my eyes and soak it all in. Music, how I adore you..  🎵

By the water

I sit by the water, peaceful I can be, trying to quite my mind, trying to find a place to find peace and be alone in my thoughts if just for a little while, and I should smile knowing life is good and I should thank god for moments like these, for nature, for love and his protection above. I sit in prayer without a care in the world enjoying the day, what I’m trying to say is life is short, live it, feel the sun, have fun, for me this poem has run out of steam and im done. Later 🙏


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Snowday memories


Living in the dc area as a kid, we had our share of snowstorms. On snowdays I usually walk up to my neighbor’s house and we would build snowmen or sled down the many hills in our neighborhood ( our house was between two hills) and they lived towards the top of the hill. There is one memory that has stuck by me all these years and I’m not quite sure why. I was about 11 or 12 and there was a blizzard and I think we had been off of school for a few days and we couldn’t leave the neighborhood because it was impossible to get up the hill. I woke up and my brother wasn’t there and I couldn’t find my neighbors. I was kinda hurt that they were sledding or building snowmen without me. So I went down to this wooded area across from the pool that had a big hill surrounded by a creek. I had my walkman and I was listening to the album Ten by Pearl Jam ( no idea why I remember that) I felt lonely and cold being out in the snow by myself; thinking how strange it was that my face and body were freezing yet the sun was shining on me. I was also exhausted with a heavy jacket, gloves and wet boots. Even though I was lonely at that moment; I felt at peace; looking at the snow on the trees and listening to Pearl Jam. It was kind of a magical moment;while someone reading this may not understand why this memory is etched in my mind; I do. Even as a adult I still think of these childhood memories as if they happened today. So I say let it snow!

Dear Amanda



Dear Amanda,

I never met you, I only heard you tragic story on the news all those years ago. I would have spoken about it then but I wasn’t writing at that time. It broke my heart that they drove you to such despair,  just seeing your picture makes me realize how young you were and that  you  had so much life ahead of you, they took that away from you and I am so sorry.  I hope you realize that weren’t alone in your pain and that you helped others by speaking out. They may have bullied you to death but they could never silence you or your song. The world seems so cruel and the bullying can be relentless especially for those of who sensitive to the mean comments and can’t just ignore it, you endured so much bullying that even as an I don’t think as an adult, I could have withstood the kind of humiliation you felt as 15 year old girl. I am not just sad but I am angry that everyone failed you. The websites you were on failed you, the school failed you, the police failed you, you were helpless and no one did a damn fuckin thing to help you. If they had done their jobs, you might still be alive; having dinner with your family like the rest of us. Shame on them, I hope they can live with themselves in failing to protect you. I am angry that someone with like you was harassed by men who have no respect for females; seeing them only as objects; dehumanized, made to do degrading things for the pleasure of a watching audience, it makes me physically sick to think about it. You made a mistake and you paid for it with your life, I wish you had held on longer. I know it’s easy to say in hindsight but nothing is worth taking your life over. I think about all of those who took their lives and where they would be. Married with kids? College graduate? Maybe writing a blog like this? The possibilities are endless. A life cut way too short and if we could just love each other and treat people with respect, you might still be alive. Amanda, just realize that you have touched so many people, through your death you brought light into a dark world; showing all of us that we are not alone and we need a call for empathy..  I hope know you can finally rest in peace and be free from the cruelty that lead you to take your own life.

How many more have to die? ( A plea for peace, love and help)

How many more have to die, how many more mothers have to cry; seeing their children lay lifeless on the pavement from a gunshot wound, we need your help and we need it soon. They are helpless children in a Godless world, a girl mourning for her friends, the violence never ends and all you can do is send thoughts and prayers, a society that doesn’t care about those laying dead and ignoring what all of us have said about guns, hasn’t enough damage been done? When will people wake up from this dream, it seems nothing will ever change and I get angrier as I age, at this moment I am filled with rage that our lawmakers do nothing as innocent people die, I can’t figure out why they allow this happen, it saddens me to no end. In the US of A we have to live in fear, not here in this so called free land; it makes me so sad, so mad. No words left today to say but there has to be a way to solve this, this can’t go on unabided, so I’ve decided to the only thing I know how to do and that write in hopes I might change at least one person’s mind and we can find a solution.

Peace, love and Harmony,


Mass shootings: When does the violence end?

I am not going to post an article or a chart about gun violence. I am going to speak from my heart using my own words. I hate having to say this, but today I am heartbroken, sad for the victims but I am also incredibly angry, a furious anger that lawmakers don’t do enough to protect ordinary citizens against gun violence. Even school children are not spared from the gun violence in this country. They sit back year after year and refuse to impose the strict gun control that exists in most Western countries. And if you look at gun deaths in Europe compared to here their numbers are much lower. You know why, because you can’t go into an Aldi’s and buy a gun. They don’t have an NRA organization that promotes the use of guns as a culture and way of life. As far as I am concerned the lawmakers who don’t pass gun control are partially responsible for these tradegies I hope they can sleep at night because the parent’s of the victims can’t. And I realize there are a lot mentally ill/ angry people out there that will buy a gun regardless. I get it, i do. But shouldn’t we do more to protect society from these mass shootings? Shouldn’t we do everything we can to esure the safety of kids when they at school?. Why must this keep happening? I ask myself why America is such a violent society. Americans get on violence even more than sex. And maybe im an outsider and i don’t get it
But to me this more than a problem about gun violence and a societal/cultural problem; a fascination about violence, dominance and hyper masculinity If we don’t change our cultural values in that respect, violence will continue to occur in this country more frequently and in record numbers.
So I write this as a plea for peace and love. Some may laugh or brush me off but my heart hurts when these things occur. I threaten to leave and never come back and even if i could, i know its not a solution. Love is the answer. We must love each other, its the only way to stop this madness

Peace love and harmony, Dave

Martin Luther King: My hero

Today is Martin Luther King day and I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about one of my heroes; someone who is very high up on the list of what it means to be a great leader. I admire Martin Luther King will all of my heart because he stood against racist hatred, he stood for love, peace and forgiveness. He died for the cause of racial harmony; so we could love each other and not just tolerate our differences; but embrace them. I think these are values that we all should have; the kinds of values we should be teaching our children; to accept others without question.

I get very emotional when talking about men like Martin Luther King. When I was younger, I had a lot of emotional issues and was kept in special ed classes. I was different then most kids and because of that I was singled out. I wasn’t singled by anything I said or did but I was singled out but because I was in the small class with the weird kids . I had curly hair and big glasses and I had a speech impediment so I was picked on mercilessly and the teachers didn’t do a damn thing about it. I think was about 9 or 10, I found this book in the library about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement. We were not learning this in school and no one prompted me to read it. I remember reading about how black people were forced to drinking out of separate water fountains and use separate toilets. I read about white policemen setting police dogs on children and spraying them with water hoses. It didn’t make sense to me, because they were black they didn’t have the same rights?. Why was this allowed to happen?. How could someone hate another person for something as absurd as the color of their skin; what difference does that make? It really broke my heart to know people had been treated this way and I just didn’t understand it. But then I read about Martin Luther King who marched for black’s rights, he went to jail simply because he was protesting, he spoke at the National Mall in DC ((My hometown) about how blacks were treated in the south. I thought to myself something must be wrong with some white people ( even though I was one) because they didn’t know who to handle anyone who was different from them.

After I read about civil rights, I then looked at myself and how I was being treated unfairly by people simply because I was different. I could relate in some way to the plight of blacks and anyone else who had been oppressed. I knew what it was like to be hated and to feel like no one cared. I was pushed around and none of it made any sense. So for me someone like Martin Luther King is someone who stood up for someone like me. He was a person who fought against injustices and tried to bring love into this world. I started to think deeply about why those kids behaved the way they did. The only thing I could come up with is that their parents never taught them to accept those who were different from them. Even at that age I could see that parents share a lot of the blame in hate and discrimination. Racism is not something we are born with; it is taught. It is a priority that parents teach their children at a young age to accept other’s differences and to treat each other with respect. Can you imagine if every parents took the time to say to Johnny: I know Carlos may look different and he has an accent but I don’t want to treat him any differently; he is no different than you, he is your equal. If everyone taught those values to their children, the world would be a much better place. So I want take the time to personally thank Dr King for dying for the causes of freedom and racial harmony. Thank you for standing up for what is right and teaching us to love each other. Please be kind to each other today; and remember the message of love that Dr King gave to us. Peace love and harmony

DaveUS President Lyndon Johnson (l) shakes hands with


Watching the news for the impeding war, so much hate and violence; can’t take anymore, i prepare to duck and cover and fall to the floor, I lock all the windows and the door, it us vs them but who’s keeping score, One on hand it’s terrifying on the other hand it’s a frightful bore, the jets  soar through the sky and tensions are on high alert. Everyone is scared and prepared for the worst to come, should we stay or hide and run.  Two leaders who are lunatics running the show, how this will end, we don’t yet know, but maybe we should slow down the rhetoric and try to understand, do what we can to achieve peace in a chaotic world.  For peace, I will pray, each and every day, that they can find a way to solve this peacefully so that we can survive another day.

Love, Peace and Harmony,