What does being a Christian mean to me?

The kind of Christian I want to be is accepting of all people no matter who they love, what they look like, what language they speak or what religion they choose to practice. To be being a Christian means not judging others and having empathy towards everyone. Like they say; to able to walk a mile in another person’s shoes. It means being an advocate for the poor and disabled and any other oppressed people wherever they may be. It means practicing what I preach and not being afraid to share my faith. It means forgiving others and restraining myself when I want to react. It means rejecting consumerism in all of its forms and resisting the temptation to hoard money and earthly goods. It means giving what I can to the poor humbly without telling others, because its not about me; its about praising God through good deeds. Its means treating others ( including animals) with the utmost respect; I must treat everyone I know as children of god that deserve kindness. Its means being in constant prayer with God and living my life according to his will. I am not perfect and don’t think God expects perfection. To be honest I often fall short of God’s expectations but I am trying to be a better, more compassionate person who values align more with the values of Christianity and Jesus. I strive to grow in my faith and trust God will guide to me to where I need to be. Amen.


One thought on “What does being a Christian mean to me?

  1. Do not forget the most important thing:
    To be a Christian means we accept that Christ died for our sins, there is nothing we can do for salvation because He did it all. We cannot earn it by good works.
    Then because Christ is our King, that means we are His free will servants. As such He has specific work for us to do. We are not to go out an do good works for Christ on our own initiative but only by the Holy Spirits guidance.


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