Not everyone celebrates Christmas (Written at a diner while listening to an endless loop of Holiday tunes)

Everywhere you go its Christmas music ( most of it being about Santa and not Jesus) and Christmas decorations. I cant help but think of those in this country that for whatever reason dont celebrate Christmas. It must be uncomfortable to feel like an outsider being attacked by a barrage of messages about how great Christmas is and how everyone is in the Christmas spirit; something that was never a part of their life. Sometimes we take this Christmas season too far; too many annoying Christmas songs and decorations. We throw it in faces of those who arent Christians without regard to the fact that they feel may uncomfortable. For me personally, i admire the fact that other religions seems to have more respect for their religious holidays and havent allowed it to become so commercialized. Just something to think about.


One thought on “Not everyone celebrates Christmas (Written at a diner while listening to an endless loop of Holiday tunes)

  1. Honestly, I disagree with this; a lot of countries that celebrate Christmas are traditionally Christian. For example the UK is traditionally is Christian, so we celebrate Christmas as part of our core culture and religious roots. Sure, less of us are religious now – but it’s still a large part of our culture (that we love) and our religious heritage. While it’s lovely that we’re more diverse and accepting of other religions and respect them not wanting to celebrate (my schools never took people that didn’t want to go to Church – myself included – to church and the lessons about Christmas outside of in Religious Studies were about giving and spending time with family) that doesn’t mean we should have to give up our cultural identity. And it’s hardly about religion nowadays anyway – pretty much everyone not of an opposing religion (ALL atheist and agnostic people I know) celebrate Christmas for the cultural and holiday side of it. For people not wanting to celebrate (which is again fine) to want to suppress our country’s cultural heritage is unfair to us. It’s like going to a Muslim country and saying “we don’t fast so you shouldn’t either”.

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