Learning to love yourself

It isn’t easy but before you can love others, you first must learn how to love yourself

The first thing you must do is learn to love and accept everything about you, including the traits you have grown to hate and the ones you choose to hide. Love how you look ( We are all beautiful in our own way) Love how we talk ( our voices are our own and are powerful, we use it to speak out and to comfort and to connect, don’t lower your voice, raise it), love how you walk ( even if you can’t raise your head or you’re clumsy and walk into the wall, if your arms flail and you don’t always walk with the utmost confidence, it’s your own walk, own the path you’re on, cause no one can walk it for you.

The second thing you must do is to stop listening to that negative voice in your head. You know the one I mean. The one who says you’re stupid and ugly, no one cares what you have to say, you’ll never be successful.

The one who says you’re not good enough and you’ll never be as good them. The voice that drums up all those negative events from the past, to remind you that you’re nothing and you’ll always be nothing.

We all have different negative voices that permeate through our brains and even though they may say different things, they are nonetheless hurtful. In fact they are more hurtful than any external voice could ever be. It’s ugly, constant and never seems to go away.

Stop listening now, find a new a voice, one that loves you, that is rooting for you, your own cheerleader, one that wants to succeed and tells you as good as anyone, no, you are enough, you are more than enough, you are fantastic and you can do this.

The third you must do is be completely honest,open and vulnerable to the world. You have the be authentic, be you. Whether they accept you or not, fuck it, be you. Being yourself is such a vital way of loving yourself.

It’s when you stop caring what they think, it’s such freedom when you can finally starting do everything for yourself instead of trying to gain the approval for others.

When you try to walk, talk, write, sing, create for the sake of others is when you’ve lost the game. People like you for you and appreciate authenticity, despite what some circles may say, it’s the truth.

Loving yourself is taking care of your mind. While you must live your life for yourself, don’t forget that sometimes we need help. We don’t always have to struggle alone and there is no shame is speaking out and saying “ I’m in pain”

There is no shame is seeing a mental health counseler and or taking medication if necessary, that is sometimes the most loving thing you can do for yourself. And it isn’t easy, I know, there so much stigma even within ourselves and of course the people around us but love is doing what’s best for us even if no one around us understands.

I will end this by saying that you matter, people care ( even when it feels like they don’t) you are loved, there is hope, don’t give up life or yourself. Don’t let the darkness win, love yourself and by doing that, you can learn to love others and let your light shine.

It is hard as hell but sometimes you just have look in the mirror and love the person looking backs even if the reflection scares you. If you look hard enough, you might just fall in love and realize that you are staring back at your best friend.

Thank you, I love you and you should love yourself



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9 thoughts on “Learning to love yourself

  1. Dave…What’s interesting is the people we “expect” to care about us most may not be the one’s that actually do. If you notice I put the word expect in “”, because expecting things to happen on the outside of us is almost always disastrous for our feelings about ourselves. That’s why loving ourselves 1st and foremost is the way to go. Then there’s no reason to be hell bent on getting that love from outside. If it exists, super 🙂

    However…there are people who love us/care about that we may never know about for a whole myriad of reasons. One is, we are so lovable. Personally, I enjoy feeling this love best. I suppose because there are usually no strings attached!


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