Music is my comfort

I have a total obsession with music, it has such a calming effect on me and can mirror my sadness, happiness and anger. Sometimes a piece of music can express what I can’t say in words.


Other times, it sparks a memory, a feeling that was long forgotten, something that seemed insignificant at the time but somehow seems important to me now. I am taken right back there, transported in time, seeing long forgotten faces, in places I haven’t been in years, the ghosts of the past.


Other times I can’t connect with someone in any other way but damn, when you mention we have the same music tastes, I am your best friend ever, I’ll talk your head about the glory days of grunge and late night MTV watching till the cows come home. And when you meet that person, it’s like finding a long lost brother/sister or something, like someone who finally gets your obscure music references


Music has always been my escape, when things hurt too much I put on my headphones and take a trip to a musical world. When no one understood me and I was lonely, I holed myself in up my room and I turned to music because it was my only comfort, on days that hurt so bad that you’d never understood.


This is ode to my first and only love, music, the records that saved my life, that held me in times of despair. This was written for anyone who could never quite understand my obsession for music. Here it is. 📻 🎧🎶 🎸


5 thoughts on “Music is my comfort

  1. And again, I can relate. There is nothing music can’t heal. Sometimes, I even seek out music that makes me cry – just to feel. I am never empty or numb, but music helps me sort through my thoughts. And… I am the odd one out, but I can talk about music and know details about bands or songs and I am able to ramble for hours on end – passionately. Music holds memory and meaning.


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