Losing my social media accounts

Every day I find myself connecting online with more and more people; I struggle with over usage and it’s something I talk about often.  But it is amazing how my social media presence is growing like crazy and in a positive way.  This morning it took almost half an hour to personal respond to my blog, Instagram, Facebook and twitter; all full of notifications; it wasn’t always this way. And while it takes time; I love responding to messages and I try to get back to people promptly.  I can only thank God for giving the opportunity to reach out to so many people all at once; there was a time where I tried so hard to connect with people online and usually got ghosted pretty quickly; comments and messages never got responses; posts never got reactions and now people are responding; maybe because my posts are  more positive; I try not post things that make people sad but inspire them. Some days I need to post about depression but I use my blog for that and not Facebook. So yes the support means a lot to me.

So today I met this person on Twitter who pretty much went through the same tragedy as me and I was messaging her; she had just added on me on Instagram and my other social media. I was look forward to seeing her posts. All of a sudden Instagram was asking for a phone number to verify the account and so I put in my number and no text; I panicked.   Here’s the thing: most of my interactions with writers, mental health advocates are on Instagram. I use it to network, share my writing, meet like minded people and maybe just maybe meet other writers in person or they could suggest ways of connecting with writers in my area; it’s a great tool.  So I put in my phone number in again and still nothing.  I uninstalled the app because I thought it may have been a hack of some sort and I opened up again and got the same message and again no text. I was getting concerned at this point; I would lose everything. I got home and I tried to log in with my laptop; same thing. And to make matters worse; I couldn’t get past the security screen; so there was no way to even make a new account; I felt helpless.   I felt myself explode in anger; I felt that this means of support would be gone in a seconds because Instagram were assholes ( and they are).   I finally decided to give them someone else’s number and they finally got a text. I have no idea why Instagram locked me out; I add a lot of people but it’s the only way I know how to make my Instagram grow. My posts are positive and I don’t bully or harass people; in fact I do my best to encourage and uplift others.   Instagram is terrible and has the worst support system when there are issues with our accounts and they are a monopoly; it’s just such a mess; which shouldn’t be a surprise since it’s now run by Mark Zuckerburg. Anyways my account is back and I am now calming down; what an ordeal. It may not seem a big deal to you; but it’s the equivalent of someone erasing all of your emails, phone contacts and deleting all of your photos, videos, online conversations all in 5 seconds.  I shouldn’t have acted out in anger but I felt like I LOST everything!!  It’s the worst feeling.  Like this blog; I have no idea how I would respond if I woke up one morning and this blog was gone; all those writings and supportive comments; gone.  It makes me realize how fragile our online lives and it can be gone in seconds; it really scares me.    Anyways I just needed to vent.

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11 thoughts on “Losing my social media accounts

  1. I totally understand but luckily for WordPress you don’t have to worry! They have AMAZING customer service and can access all of your past drafts and things so if someone hacks you they can fix it back to the way it was!

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  2. Hi Dave! I’ve had the same feeling. I often just disconnect with my social media for a few weeks or so and yes Instagram has the worst support system. Facebook currently keeps changing which gets confusing along with their messenger. So far WordPress is the only one thats been a source of some calmness.

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  3. That does sound scary! I remember having weird “downtime” issues with FB and everyone flocking to twitter to freakout. Lol those were the days. Omg where is FB! What happened to my newsfeed? Is anyone else not getting new posts? Tragedy of epic proportions. Then it would return and we’d all gobble it up again like pigs at a trough om nom nom slurrrrrp 😂

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    1. I am on facebook but I find the site annoying; I love the people and it’s super positive but FB has become terrible; with the algorithms, the ads, the politics and the fact that I never see my friend’s post. Because of what happened yesterday I am taking the time to back up my blog today. I couldn’t bear losing all of my writings.

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  4. Not only are people losing their social media accounts easily, people are starting to loose other accounts like their Paypal accounts. Nothing is for sure unless you own the domain your posting on. Very important to read terms and conditions before posting and always have the best contact numbers for support

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