Author’s challenge 2019

This is my a bio I am making for the Author’s challenge of 2019


Hello #writingcommunity I’m doing the #authorschallenge2019 today. David is a yet to be published author and mental health/disability advocate. He has been blogging for almost two years; writing on subjects ranging from disabilities, mental health, grief, suicide, poetry, social justice, Spirituality ( as opposed to religion) and gender roles. David uses writing to uplift and encourage others who are suffering from depression and other mental illnesses and hopes to spread a message of love and acceptance. The goal is to continue to advocate for marginalized people and to publish his work in the coming years. David is looking forward to connecting with others positively in the writing community.

My bio for 2019 😀



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New Year goals 2019

New Year Goals

Well, a new year is upon us and it has been quite a incredible year for me; I made a lot of progress and really grew as a person. I pray that 2019 will also be a good year for me; I plan on making the year to come a very successful one; I’d like to improve myself on a mental/emotion, spiritual, social and financial/career level; all aspects of my life. I am ending the year on a somewhat sour note; being unemployed but I have perseverance and I am very driven. I am many goals for this year and I plan to achieve a lot in the coming year.

One of my goals is education; I am determined to finally get my associates degree in developmental disabilities; I want a job in the field; maybe as a job coach, a peer mentor or a motivational speaker in the future. I can sense how my writing and story has inspired others and the idea of using it to help people is something I very much like to do. I will take any opportunity to use my experience to inspire others to do their very best and not to give up; this may be one of my callings in life. I want more career aspects because like anyone else; I want to make enough money so I can be independent; I don’t live with my family by choice; I’m with them because my health issues and disabilities limits the kinds of jobs I can take; I want to push myself to do better; I think we all deserve that.

And speaking of my career; I want to continue to volunteer with the disabled ministry; I plan on spending more time with them this year; getting to know them further; and learning the skills I need to enter the human service field. It also helps me grow closer in my faith and become a more spiritual person. Through this group, I know God is working in my life. I plan on volunteering in other areas such as teaching English as a second language and other volunteer opportunities throughout the area. Now that I have all this free time; I plan to use it wisely and maybe get involved in church more as well. I think God has big plans for me in 2019 and I just have to follow his lead.

I think this will be a big year for me socially as well. I plan to continue reconnecting with friends and hopefully making new friends as well; I am trying to learning to face my fears and learn to meet new people and not avoid social situations; just to put myself out there. Something as simple as asking for a someone’s number who I’m interested in is a big step for me. Maybe dating is on the horizon for me; that is an exciting new chapter for me. That’s something that creates a lot of anxiety but I know God will guide me through whatever happens. I plan on maybe taking a trip back home to see old friends; there are so many people I want to see; just the idea of traveling is new to me but I am ready for it. I am so thankful for all the friends I have connected but am sad most of them live far away; so I have to make the effort to see them. This will be the year where I expand my social life.

I will continue to write; exploring new ideas and forms of writing; I am going to keep my blog and hopefully gain more followers and connect with more writers; I am so excited about that. With my free time; I hope to find a writers group in the area and meet fellow writers face to face; maybe get the chance to share my poetry to a live audience; I would love that. Yes writing is my saving grace and I have no idea where I’d be without it.

I figure if 2018 was such a big year; then 2019 will be even better; I just have to have faith; I need to stay positive and move forward in my life. I want to inspire and encourage others and do my part to make the world a better place. I want to be a more compassionate and forgiving person along the way; I remain in prayer and I hope for the best in the upcoming year. And I wish all of my family, friends and followers a very happy new years. May 2019 be a successful year for you; may you be blessed with all the happiness in the world




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Over the horizon

I’m tired and weary and impatient but there’s something good coming on the horizon I can feel it; I’ll walking down this road so long; my forehead drenched with beads of sweat from the hot sun; my feet are on fire from miles and miles of walking; I’m out of breath; gasping for air.  I’m beaten down and ready to throw in the towel as onlookers jeer at me; to my dismay.  But I won’t give up now;; i pick up the pace;  because I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me; as I get closer I know that this marathon was all worth it; to get on the other side; the pain of this long journey was worth it; indeed; Here I can sit down; underneath a shady tree; sip a cool drink; rest my body and mind and finally be at peace; over the horizon.

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The spirituality of George Harrison



Many people who have known me know that I am the biggest Beatles fan; a little obsessional perhaps but their music has shaped me from childhood all the way to adulthood; getting me through some of the roughest patches in my life. When people think of the Beatles they may not think of any spiritual music in their catalog ( and remember we are talking about spiritual and not religious) and while there may not be many; there are some songs that I consider to be spiritual in nature and most are from George Harrison.

And let me just say that even now I have difficulty picking my favorite Beatle, but I will say that very few people would choose Ringo as their favorite ( right?). I appreciate all their styles; Paul represents to me the more melodic pop side that I like; his music is mainly happy and upbeat.  I really love John; his witty sense of humor and sarcasm; I can relate to his activist side; an idealist trying to make the world a better place through music and art.   And George ( the quiet Beatle); his music more understated; his songs with the Beatles may not stand out to some but they do to me. During the later years he really grew as a songwriter incorporating his interest in Indian spirituality into his music; adding sitars; a virtually unknown instrument into the rock world. Not only does George interest me as a musician but as a person. I admire his intelligence and gentleness as a man; he just seemed like a kind person who didn’t have the ego of his other band mates; he didn’t buy into the mythology and that is what I most admire about him.

When I was a kid all I listened was music from the Beatles ( solo works included).  I have this clear memory of us as a family driving to the beach and playing George Harrison “My sweet lord” as we on a bridge; over looking the Atlantic Ocean in Norfolk, VA with the battleships in the distance; that music gave me a lot of comfort and I’m not why. Every I hear it I just get this calming feeling when I hear that song. The lyrics are so beautiful; and you can deny the spirituality. ” I really want to see you. I really want to be with you. Really want to see you lord but it takes so long, my lord”. It really doesn’t get any more spiritual than that. And if you listen to his first solo record “All things must pass”  it can be overbearing at times and preachy but the message of love and god and spirituality is all there; I think that is important in music. I think we all need something to turn to in times of trouble ( no pun itended) and music can serve that purpose.

I remember I was 14  I was at a friend’s house.  Something happened where I was sick but my parents weren’t home so I went to a neighbor’s house and she ( his mom) took care of me. I was looking through her cd’s and noticed she had the White album by the Beatles; I don’t think I had ever heard it all the way through. I asked to borrow it and I ended up listening to it over and over; analyzing the songs and just soaking it all in. It’s such an underrated albums with so many different styles; a lot of people don’t like it but I think it’s album that is way ahead of it’s time ( particularly Helter Skelter. First metal song ever, right?)  There was one song by George Harrison titled “long long long” and at first listen it sounds like a love song. The chorus goes ” It took a long long long time. Now I’m so happy, I’ve found you. How I love you”.  That sounds like pretty much like every love song you’ve ever heard but the music is somewhat somber and has a serious tone; it doesn’t sound like “Something in the way she moves” or “If I fell”    This song was something else entirely; it was haunting; it stuck with me and through the powers of the internet I researched the meaning of the song ( like most nerds do).  The general consensus is that its not a love song at all; in fact it’s a song about God ( or spirituality if you will)  The years of searching for the answer and finally finding it in God; how long that search was but the happiness  gained from finally knowing God.  At the time I had not found God yet but I appreciated it’s meaning. Now as a spiritual person I find the sound hauntingly beautiful and relatable on a deep level.

I wrote this as I listened to “long long long” for the thousandth time in my life; music has played a big role in my life; the soundtrack to my life and I find so much inspiration for my writing in it.  It’s a shame that George Harrison only got 2 songs per album during his days with Beatles; he think he was far more talented than his band mates gave him credit for. And I think he could have added even more depth to the Beatles music had been allowed to record more music.  I hope after reading this you can listen to the songs and George Harrison and hear the spirituality coming from the music and maybe gain some comfort in his gentle spirit ( may he rest in peace)

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