Free verse pathway…

Animate my life, radiate my strife, cut me like a knife but stay out of sight.Won’t you tell me how, slow-moving like a cow, words that are now, words that make you say “Wow!”Free verse, a curse ( or course), tell me what it’s worth, straight from the Earth, the birth of a puzzle, put a muzzle on thoughts that can’t be bought or sought after.Rhymes are a crime, when they spew from the mind, the kind that goes a million miles an hour, a cup of sour milk is spilt on the table while I weave a fable of lies and surprise you with more disjointed words.The end of this poem is near and I’ll stop it here but don’t fear, my hand is sore and I won’t write anymore. At least not tonight. Well, alright, till tomorrow. 💖

Freestyle poetry #83

I’m a poet with no style, I’ll sit here for a while with smile on my face, stuck in this place.

Enjoying the fresh air without a care, don’t scoff, you wouldn’t dare say a word because you couldn’t afford these rhymes that flow from out of my mind all the time.

A lyrical wordsmith as I shift into a different person without a name, after poetry, life wasnt the same but that’s the game.

Not to brag but my words are out of sight, my head in the clouds, I take a flight so I might fly away to another day, my mind is spent and I got nothing else to say. Peace. 

Poem by David Aguilera

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If I don’t stand up for myself; no one else will

If I don’t stand up for myself no one else will; I won’t keep everything bottled up; I am going to say how I feel; but people don’t want the truth and turn their backs when shit  gets too real. They say don’t rock the boat; stay quiet; it’s a real crock and I don’t buy it; when I’m pushed I won’t keep my mouth shut; I react from the gut which may not be the best option at times but how I will I ever get out of this rut if I don’t stand up; so cut the crap; I’m not just some poor sap; you can tell what to do; if you only you knew what I thought of you. So piss off, it’s break time; always have the last rhyme.