The beach trip

We’re going on a beach trip, I am sitting in the backseat and I have my coloring books to keep me occupied for this long journey, mom and dad say it’s going to be 6 hours, that is forever kid’s years, Off we go, I can’t wait to go to the beach, I’m just giddy with excitement, hyper as always, my older brother is looking at me in annoyance but who cares what thinks, we’re going to the beach.

We drive further and out of the city and into the country, miles, and miles of open farmland, boooring, I tap my feet and sing along to the oldies station tape playing from the front seat which annoys my brother even further. After what seems like an eternity, I see the sparkling blue ocean below a towering bridge coupled with the bright blue sky with the piercing sun shining on the water, I am in awe at the military ships in the distance, it is magical to me but we are still only 2 hours from our destination, aww but I want to swim now.

My dad says “Ok, we are going through a tunnel now” It gets really dark and very noisy, all I see are orange streaks by my car window, I love it, it’s like an amusement park ride, we get through the tunnel quickly and we have crossed the state line. More farmland and country houses, I’m growing impatient. After an agonizing two hours, we finally reach our beach house, I want to swim in the ocean but mom and dad just want to rest from a long trip, this is torture to me.

After a short while, we drive to the beach, the smell of suntan lotion feels my nostrils and my feet are burning from the firey sand, I tell my mom that’s enough suntan lotion and I flee for the cold ocean. waving my arms in delight, my brother soon joins me in the water with two boogie boards, in my excitement I forgot about the boogie boards. I try my best to stay on top of the board but I always slip off, frustrated, I throw my board onto the sand and let the waves crash over me. Suddenly I find the waves dragging me down, seawater fills my lungs, I panic and my brother pulls me up.

I have had enough ocean for the moment, I go to sit with my mother and watch my dad and brother who are still in the ocean, as I walk towards my mom. I feel a pinch on my foot and I cry out in pain, my mother runs to me, consoling me, I was bitten by a stupid crab, it really hurts. Soon after that, I limp with the rest of my family back to the car and back to the beach house.

Although my foot hurts, it’s nice to get cleaned up, lay down and just relax, going to the beach took so much out of me, we are all really hungry, so we go out to dinner.

We go to this nice seafood restaurant, I love the hushpuppies and looking at the fish in the fishtank, I am fascinated by little fishies swimming around.. I avoid the stare of the crab because he bit me today and we are no longer friends. I order popcorn shrimp, my favorite. I can see the men bringing fresh fish fresh from a boat from the window, I love that. Everyone is done eating and my belly is full and I have a content smile on my face.

After dinner, we go to a movie: “I framed Roger Rabbit”, it is soo funny, how are the people talking to the cartoons? Are the cartoons real?. Jessica Rabbit is really pretty, I like her.

After the movie, my parents drag us to the shopping district, another boring adventure and we go to this store called Rose’s. I actually like this place, it has a distinct atmosphere with bright florescent lights and Hawaiian T-shirts everywhere. My brother runs up with a Guns and Roses t-shirt which is cool to me because it has guns and skeletons on it, I have no idea who Guns and Roses are but it’s a cool shirt, my parents tell him he can’t have the shirt and a disappointed look appears on his face.

We are finally back at the beach house and we have had quite a long day, I am in an unfamiliar house, in a strange room, laying in a bed that isn’t mine, there are weird stripes on the wall and the lamp is too bright. I still feel the rush of the ocean as I lay down, I hear the seagulls in my head and I can still smell the beach, it was a good day and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring but now it’s time for sleep. sweet dreams little Dave, sweet dreams.


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Dark clouds

I left home with sunny skies, hopeful for a new day, as I drove further on, dark clouds hovered above me, my optimism faded along with the hope of a bright day, my smile replaced with a worried look of concern as the sky grew darker, raindrops pummeled my windshield, tears from the sky, all was lost. I turned around and went back home, defeated and back in my cocoon of a room, safe and sound .🌧 🚗 🏠

Fire in the sky

The sky’s on  fire and I watch with awe from a distance, such a beautiful sight I am witnessing,


Nature’s miracle before my eyes, God’s masterpiece setting below the tree line; an orange glow encases the horizon.


The day closes it’s tired eyes and soon the sky is engulfed in darkness.


Speckled stars rise to say hello, the moon relieves the sun on their shift and I am left speechless.


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The rainstorm

It was so long ago, a summer rainstorm that seems to compliment the mood I’ve been in for ages
I’ve grown tired of this place, there’s nothing here for me, no one I’m close to.

The traffic drives me crazy, people are rude and cold and seeing the same old places leaves me in perpetual yearning for a past that wasn’t that great to begin with.

I know I’m leaving home and I’m excited, a brand new place, I don’t have to be reminded of that hurt again, I can leave the past behind

I’m at work right now, Fairfax square, looking out the window, at the rain pouring down, tears from the sky. I keep thinking that although it hurts to still be here, I am scared. I have never lived anywhere else, this is all I know but I want to leave, I feel conflicted.

No one at work understands. The girl working with me is next door talking to her boyfriend, the store is empty, because who wants to go out in a rainstorm to get videos? I’m listening to same songs on a loop, I hate those tvs, I’m so bored with no one to talk, just waiting for a sign of life

In the present day, I moved, another state ( another state of mind) and my life has changed in so many ways since those old days. I look out my window and the rain is soaking the ground and I think of that day, that memory, when I was so hurt and couldn’t have never imagined the life I live today and the progress I made.

I guess the rain washed away the remnants of the past, a rainbow appeared and I got to the other side, but it was the most perfect rainstorm because after every rainstorm, there’s always a rainbow.


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Taking a walk

On a hot scorching day, I take a walk to a sweet oasis, where nature overtakes me, the sounds of a fountain dropping water onto a lake quell my racing thoughts. A gentle breeze cools my warm body and I listen for my friends, the birds. How envious I am of them. I wish I could fly away at times. Nature fuels my creativity and nourishes the soul. Until next time. Good bye


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By the water

I sit by the water, peaceful I can be, trying to quite my mind, trying to find a place to find peace and be alone in my thoughts if just for a little while, and I should smile knowing life is good and I should thank god for moments like these, for nature, for love and his protection above. I sit in prayer without a care in the world enjoying the day, what I’m trying to say is life is short, live it, feel the sun, have fun, for me this poem has run out of steam and im done. Later 🙏


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Unplugging from a digital world

I need unplug from this digital whirlwind and get back to living, I need to feel the warmth of the sun of my back, the wind tickling my skin, the sound of the birds provide the soundtrack, this music makes my heart skip a beat, the grass and sky with highlighted greens and blues, nature in rich technicolor. Feeling closer to God, he provides simplicity and helps me quiet my mind from the chaotic thoughts and constant worries. Here we talk, he listens, I feel at peace. God’s presence calms me and as I write this, I feel the wind blow as if he’s comforting me or just letting know he’s here. Just some thoughts as I unplug, get back to nature and take some time to talk to God today.


Note- I also added my second Podcast during my nature walk.  Please take a listen.




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Birds in the sky

Birds in the sky; how I envy you. You fly so gracefully to any destination you choose and I’m stuck down here with my feet planted firmly on the ground. You seem so free and I’m entangled with all the human  struggles you’ll never know. But I take comfort in your singing on my saddest days; your chirps when I wake up reminds me the world is alive and is such a beautiful place. Your beauty enthralls me and while I may not understand your song; you make me smile all the same. So fly on birdy and as I watch you soar; I’ll watch from down here in awe and amazement. Yes fly on indeed.


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Friends forever

Courtney had just moved to Michigan from sunny California; her dad got a new job at the Auto Plant and she wasn’t too happy about the move. “What about the warm weather and the beach and all of my friends?” she exclaimed when her father broke the news of the move. Her mother shrugged her shoulders and said “Courtney, honey, the move will be good for us; Dad will be making more money and we’re moving to a bigger house and hey, it’s an adventure, right” Courtney walked away in annoyance realizing she had no choice in the matter but she was sad to leave her best friend; Amanda. What will I do with her?” ; she thought. The move was in 2 weeks and she turned to the one comfort in her life; her journal. Writing was her refuge from the loneliness and sadness she faced ; like most teenagers feel from time to time. As the days passed; she let her friends know about the move but waited to talk to Amanda; this would be a tough one. After a week sit sat down with her best friend since 2nd grade and explained that she had to move; the two talked for a long time; cried, hugged and said their goodbyes; Courtney promised they’d keep in touch online and they could text anytime; Amanda nodded her head; wiping a tear from her eyes and the two parted ways; mostly liked forever.

A week later Courtney found herself in a strange place; in a new town and a new school; where she didn’t know anyone; it was scary. She’d never left the palm trees and hills of Southern California in all her life; except when she visited her Grandma and cousins in Arizona. Courtney started school; visibly nervous and full of self-doubt. She had trouble meeting new people and had few friends; she was shy and preferred a good book to a house party. The first day of school was worse than she even expected; no one talked to her. The teacher introduced her and no one bother to look up to greet her; some girls laughed at her because she was wearing shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt in the dead of winter; they didn’t have time to buy winter clothes and of course didn’t need it in California. Courtney walked by herself to the cafeteria where every seat was taken and none of the other students didn’t look to happy to see her; so she sat by herself. Courtney never felt so lonely in her life and all she wanted to do was go back home to L.A. After lunch Courtney found a corner in an empty hallway and just cried her eyes out in complete despair. All of sudden you heard a male voice; “are you ok, he asked?” She composed herself; embarrassed that this boy had found her crying alone and to top it off; she thought he was pretty cute. She told him all about the move and all the girls that laughed at her. He said his name was Tony. He told her not to worry and gave her his phone number and said he would meet her after school to walk her home or hang out; whatever she wanted to do. Her heart raced at the prospect of this boy wanted to spend time with her; all through out the day she kept staring at the clock in anticipation. Finally it was 3:00 pm and the end bell rang and she headed to the door; along with the rest of the student population.

She hurried to the place where Tony said he’d meet her and 5 minutes passed and then 15 and then 30 minutes; she became distraught; asking any passerby if they knew a Tony; they just ignored her. As she panicked she felt a snowflake; she had never seen snow in all her life and she was freezing; waiting for Tony to meet her. By the time it had been 45 minutes; she gave up; beginning to cry again; she had been stood up; she began to feel angry that they had moved her all the way to Michigan; angry at herself for being so socially awkward. As she turned to walk home in defeat; she heard the sound of those girls that had laughed at her earlier; she felt so intimidated by them. She turned around her heart dropped to the floor when she saw Tony with one of the girls; laughing; with his arm around her; then to her dismay; she saw them kiss; how much more humiliation could she take? And as Tony looked in the distance he saw and whispered in the girl’s ear and the rest of the group erupted in laughter; at her expense; obviously.

She shook her head in disbelief; never had she been treated so cruelly and certainly never from a guy she liked. As she walked home the snowfall became heavier and she could feel her face and hands turn red. She thought to herself “This place is so cold and I don’t mean the weather” All of a sudden from the corner of her eye she saw a big bird fly by; it was a large owl; she had never seen one up close and it was so beautiful; majestic and wise. The owl just sat there on the fence and stared at her in curious; both in awe of each other. Courtney felt all that loneliness fly away as soon as the owl showed up; “I will call you Sadie” exclaimed Courtney; as if the owl could understand her. Courtney leaned close to the owl and amazingly enough the owl stood still while Courtney buried her head in the owl’s fur; the sweet owl was keeping her warm. “For now you’ll be my only friend Ms Owl”; the owl hooted in delight. From that point on Courtney and Sadie met every day after school; finding comfort in each other and enjoying each other’s company. Friends are forever Courtney said and the owl replied who who me? Yes you Courtney said with a laugh. A there a strong bond was made which no one could break and both their lives would be forever changed.

David Aguilera| Photographer: Katerina Plotnikova


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