When the violence hits home

Knowing that there was a school shooting right where I live is highly upsetting to me, gun violence makes me angry and I am frustrated so little is done from our goverment to stop the flow of guns and to make our country a safer place. Adding more guns to an already violent country only makes things worse. And yes, mental health is a part of the problem of some gun violence. And you know what, we need to ensure that everyone has access to not only general healthcare but mental healthcare as well. Let’s stop treating help for mental health as a luxury and treat it with the urgency it deserves. Sometimes when we are passionate about something, we are quick to anger and don’t always communicate in the nicest or most effective way. So for me, I have to calm down a minute and say how I feel in a most positive without the anger and that is what I am doing. I feel hurt that we live in a society that is so violent and that no measures our taken to ensure our safety. I am fearful of getting killed by going to the grocery store or church or a concert, I am tired of the violence and I feel powerless and I don’t know what to do and I don’t have an answer. I pray for this country that it can mend it’s ways and find a better path because we are in trouble, folks. We have a leader ( and millions of supporters) that does nothing about gun violence while every day people are getting shot when doing every day things ( like attending college). When does the madness end? Why is this country so violent and why does this upset me so?




Yoga can kill you

I have been told how wonderful Yoga is for reducing stressed; getting centered; helping with some of my physical issues and just finding an escape from the chaotic world outside.  So about a year I decided to try yoga for the first; it was relaxing but I struggling keeping my balance and following directions but nonetheless it was an enjoyable experience and I told myself if I had more time I’d take a few more classes; now I’m not so sure.  It seems not even the peaceful atmosphere of Yoga is safe from gun violence.

I woke up this morning to read the  news and saw the headline ” 2 shot dead at Florida yoga studio”  I didn’t even bother to read the article because I already know the story; it’s been told time and time again in this country.  People going about their day; at a religious service; going to school; having drinks at nightclub; shopping at the mall and now yoga are shot by a mentally deranged ( usually white male) person with no known motive and usually ends up turning the gun of themselves; leaving the rest of us with no answers.  Its depressing beyond belief; it’s depressing that nothing is done about this. This is a broken ugly hate filled world and we live in a country that has accepted that this kind of violence is a normal part of living; even at a yoga studio; one of the most peaceful places you can be in. I can picture it; people are on the floor on their yoga mats; eyes closed; soft voices; with new age music playing in the background; mediating and trying to gain some peace in their life; all of a sudden being awoken from the state of relaxation to the sound of gunfire; it sounds like something from a movie or something; it’s too horrifying to be real.

I am not political or social expert; I have no answers except to speak from my heart.  Why do we hurt each other so?  Why can’t we do something about the amount guns in our country? Why makes this society so violent to begin with?  Why are white males so angry? Why do we value aggression and dominance over passiveness and compassion in our society?  I don’t have the answers to those questions but all I know is that my heart hurts for those who died. My heart hurts that this man was in such pain that he not only took his life; but the lives of two innocent people.

I don’t have words except to express my  heartfelt sadness and anger whenever I read things like this; I can’t accept it; I won’t let it be normal and I won’t stop talking about it.  I will speak my mind even if others disagree.  I am an idealist and a part me thinks love is the answer and I know some people would laugh at me but I certainly don’t think hate or anger is the answer; maybe understanding.  Why does this affect me so much; why can’t I be numb to it like everyone else?.  All I can do is write and I hope we can heal as a nation and make this a safer place



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Another shooting in America

Another shooting in America

I hate having to keep writing these poems because it’s getting old but people get hurt because too many guns are sold; and people’s reactions seem to be so heartless and cold. This world is a broken place; at this moment I have a sad look on my face and I can’t wait until there is peace and the violence can cease; an end to the bloodshed seems out of reach; if we could just teach love from God above because I’ve had enough of reading bad news; I wish I could shut the door on what I see because seemingly there doesn’t seem to be much hope. How do we cope in such a violent world? So I’d like to express myself if I may, but it seems I have little left to say but tears fall; hearing about all the carnage and the gore; too gruesome to ignore; so I lay on the floor and write how I feel; it’s all I can do; is tell you how I’m feeling at this very moment