When the violence hits home

Knowing that there was a school shooting right where I live is highly upsetting to me, gun violence makes me angry and I am frustrated so little is done from our goverment to stop the flow of guns and to make our country a safer place. Adding more guns to an already violent country only makes things worse. And yes, mental health is a part of the problem of some gun violence. And you know what, we need to ensure that everyone has access to not only general healthcare but mental healthcare as well. Let’s stop treating help for mental health as a luxury and treat it with the urgency it deserves. Sometimes when we are passionate about something, we are quick to anger and don’t always communicate in the nicest or most effective way. So for me, I have to calm down a minute and say how I feel in a most positive without the anger and that is what I am doing. I feel hurt that we live in a society that is so violent and that no measures our taken to ensure our safety. I am fearful of getting killed by going to the grocery store or church or a concert, I am tired of the violence and I feel powerless and I don’t know what to do and I don’t have an answer. I pray for this country that it can mend it’s ways and find a better path because we are in trouble, folks. We have a leader ( and millions of supporters) that does nothing about gun violence while every day people are getting shot when doing every day things ( like attending college). When does the madness end? Why is this country so violent and why does this upset me so?




Yoga can kill you

I have been told how wonderful Yoga is for reducing stressed; getting centered; helping with some of my physical issues and just finding an escape from the chaotic world outside.  So about a year I decided to try yoga for the first; it was relaxing but I struggling keeping my balance and following directions but nonetheless it was an enjoyable experience and I told myself if I had more time I’d take a few more classes; now I’m not so sure.  It seems not even the peaceful atmosphere of Yoga is safe from gun violence.

I woke up this morning to read the  news and saw the headline ” 2 shot dead at Florida yoga studio”  I didn’t even bother to read the article because I already know the story; it’s been told time and time again in this country.  People going about their day; at a religious service; going to school; having drinks at nightclub; shopping at the mall and now yoga are shot by a mentally deranged ( usually white male) person with no known motive and usually ends up turning the gun of themselves; leaving the rest of us with no answers.  Its depressing beyond belief; it’s depressing that nothing is done about this. This is a broken ugly hate filled world and we live in a country that has accepted that this kind of violence is a normal part of living; even at a yoga studio; one of the most peaceful places you can be in. I can picture it; people are on the floor on their yoga mats; eyes closed; soft voices; with new age music playing in the background; mediating and trying to gain some peace in their life; all of a sudden being awoken from the state of relaxation to the sound of gunfire; it sounds like something from a movie or something; it’s too horrifying to be real.

I am not political or social expert; I have no answers except to speak from my heart.  Why do we hurt each other so?  Why can’t we do something about the amount guns in our country? Why makes this society so violent to begin with?  Why are white males so angry? Why do we value aggression and dominance over passiveness and compassion in our society?  I don’t have the answers to those questions but all I know is that my heart hurts for those who died. My heart hurts that this man was in such pain that he not only took his life; but the lives of two innocent people.

I don’t have words except to express my  heartfelt sadness and anger whenever I read things like this; I can’t accept it; I won’t let it be normal and I won’t stop talking about it.  I will speak my mind even if others disagree.  I am an idealist and a part me thinks love is the answer and I know some people would laugh at me but I certainly don’t think hate or anger is the answer; maybe understanding.  Why does this affect me so much; why can’t I be numb to it like everyone else?.  All I can do is write and I hope we can heal as a nation and make this a safer place



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Another shooting in America

Another shooting in America

I hate having to keep writing these poems because it’s getting old but people get hurt because too many guns are sold; and people’s reactions seem to be so heartless and cold. This world is a broken place; at this moment I have a sad look on my face and I can’t wait until there is peace and the violence can cease; an end to the bloodshed seems out of reach; if we could just teach love from God above because I’ve had enough of reading bad news; I wish I could shut the door on what I see because seemingly there doesn’t seem to be much hope. How do we cope in such a violent world? So I’d like to express myself if I may, but it seems I have little left to say but tears fall; hearing about all the carnage and the gore; too gruesome to ignore; so I lay on the floor and write how I feel; it’s all I can do; is tell you how I’m feeling at this very moment




Why is America such a violent place?


I am at a point where I have stopped watching the news aside from skimming the headlines, because it is simply too depressing and I already struggle with my mental health. Everyday there seems to be another murder or assault. Almost every few months another mass shooting, or threats of a shooting or bombing; the violence never seems to end in this country.  There is so much anger and hate in our society that I struggle to understand where it all comes from.  Sometimes it’s an angry gun nut from the hills, other times a passing motorist in the city gets out his car and shoots someone for no apparent reason, or it’s the daily interactions in my personal life; that angry coworker who can’t stop slamming things or staring me down and I’ve yet to figure out what causes this rage.

The question is how did we get this way? I realize that anger is not exclusive to the United States but it seems ( At least in the West) that America seems to be such a hostile country.  A country that seems to hate anyone who is different; immigrants, gays, minorities, any group that doesn’t fit their “Ideal” America.  Anytime someone advocates with change in this country they are met with furious anger and threats. Just look at the history every person who called for peace and equality they were gunned down.  In an 18 year period, you had the murder of a President in broad daylight in front of hundreds of people ( including children) , the murder of countless civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Medgar Evers,  the murder of 3 student civil rights workers in Mississippi; then in 1968 the murder of JFK’s brother, Robert, as he was running for President, the murder of John Lennon (  A musician and someone who spoke out for peace) and the attempted assassination of President Reagan   So the violence isn’t new, we have a long history of it.

I look at other Western nations; particularly Europe;and I ask myself how they manage to pass and enforce strict gun control and also have hate speech laws making racists accountable for their ugly statements against minorities.   I am not saying Europe or any other nation is perfect and they have their share of violence, but I am saying is that in America the violence seems to go unabided.  The President will get on television say he is with the family and we are mourning, but takes no action to address the fact that guns are too easily accessible or to question the violent nature of our country. Congress refuses to enact any legislation that will take guns away from ordinary citizens even when school children are being gunned down in massive numbers.

I am not saying we should get rid of guns because I know that would never happen, I am saying that no one needs an AR-15 for protection. I am saying that parents and children shouldn’t have to live in fear when they send their children off to school in the morning.  I was doing training at work and one of the modules was about an active shoot situation and I thought to myself, only in this country. We are so violent that we are learned to accept this as a part of life, I wonder if they have these modules in Europe or Canada. I am just so sick of all this damn violence and I feel hopeless and I just don’t know what to do. I mean, there are so many of us pleading for the government to do something and they remain silent, while children are dying; literally. And what is their answer to the gun violence? It’s mental health issue and maybe we should arm teachers. Great idea. That’s like saying we have a drug problem in our community and the only way to solve this is to add more drugs; complete madness, devoid of logic.   I agree that mental health plays a role in these mass shootings but it takes a gun to kill people ( in fact the only purpose of a gun is to kill).  Without the gun, the mentally ill person can’t shoot anyone.  I don’t have anything left to say but living in this country feels hopeless and the only solution to escape the violence is to leave; I wish I could. I wish I had the money and resources so I could leave forever, there is no reason to stay here. I certainly wouldn’t want to raise a child in such a hateful and violent country, where I’d have an anxiety attack every time my child would leave the house.   Lastly I know a lot of people will disagree with my statements but if you can refrain from violent threats and trolling that would be much appreciated. I know you disagree with me but there is no call to be hateful about it.

Peace, love and harmony,



How many more have to die? ( A plea for peace, love and help)

How many more have to die, how many more mothers have to cry; seeing their children lay lifeless on the pavement from a gunshot wound, we need your help and we need it soon. They are helpless children in a Godless world, a girl mourning for her friends, the violence never ends and all you can do is send thoughts and prayers, a society that doesn’t care about those laying dead and ignoring what all of us have said about guns, hasn’t enough damage been done? When will people wake up from this dream, it seems nothing will ever change and I get angrier as I age, at this moment I am filled with rage that our lawmakers do nothing as innocent people die, I can’t figure out why they allow this happen, it saddens me to no end. In the US of A we have to live in fear, not here in this so called free land; it makes me so sad, so mad. No words left today to say but there has to be a way to solve this, this can’t go on unabided, so I’ve decided to the only thing I know how to do and that write in hopes I might change at least one person’s mind and we can find a solution.

Peace, love and Harmony,


Mass shootings: When does the violence end?

I am not going to post an article or a chart about gun violence. I am going to speak from my heart using my own words. I hate having to say this, but today I am heartbroken, sad for the victims but I am also incredibly angry, a furious anger that lawmakers don’t do enough to protect ordinary citizens against gun violence. Even school children are not spared from the gun violence in this country. They sit back year after year and refuse to impose the strict gun control that exists in most Western countries. And if you look at gun deaths in Europe compared to here their numbers are much lower. You know why, because you can’t go into an Aldi’s and buy a gun. They don’t have an NRA organization that promotes the use of guns as a culture and way of life. As far as I am concerned the lawmakers who don’t pass gun control are partially responsible for these tradegies I hope they can sleep at night because the parent’s of the victims can’t. And I realize there are a lot mentally ill/ angry people out there that will buy a gun regardless. I get it, i do. But shouldn’t we do more to protect society from these mass shootings? Shouldn’t we do everything we can to esure the safety of kids when they at school?. Why must this keep happening? I ask myself why America is such a violent society. Americans get on violence even more than sex. And maybe im an outsider and i don’t get it
But to me this more than a problem about gun violence and a societal/cultural problem; a fascination about violence, dominance and hyper masculinity If we don’t change our cultural values in that respect, violence will continue to occur in this country more frequently and in record numbers.
So I write this as a plea for peace and love. Some may laugh or brush me off but my heart hurts when these things occur. I threaten to leave and never come back and even if i could, i know its not a solution. Love is the answer. We must love each other, its the only way to stop this madness

Peace love and harmony, Dave

In rememberance of John Lennon

Today is December 8th and it marks the 37th anniversary of the tragic shooting of John Lennon in New York City. It’s a sad day for music fans. I can’t help but think that if John Lennon had stayed in England would he still be alive today? We haven’t learned our lesson about gun violence in this country and because of our violent nature we lost of one the great voices in music. Someone who stood for peace and love and whose music touched so many before and after he died ( including myself) It makes me angry that 37 years later gun violence has only increased and we still haven’t found a solution. Like John Lennon said “Give peace a chance”. John Lennon 1940-1980