God saved my life

I want to tell a story. Around 2002, I was a new driver and I was following a friend and I failed to stop at a left turn signal, as soon as I turned, I had no time to react and a car smashed into to me at about 45 mph from the drivers side. My car spun and I end up on the median, the car was completely totaled but for some miraculous reason, I didn’t lose consciousness or have any injuries, aside from a sore neck and the shock of the accident.


I was in the hospital and I was really dazed and out of it. But I remember talking to the doctor and him telling me how lucky I was to make it out of there, without a scratch, in fact, if my foot had been a few inches closer, I could have lost it and been disabled for life.


I truly believe God saved my life that night, I don’t know why he did, because I should have been seriously injured, given how fast the other driver was going and the fact that I ran a red light during heavy traffic. Yet for some reason I was spared harm. I believe God spared me because he had a purpose me, to help others, spread compassion, help the disabled, and try to make a difference.


At the time, I didn’t believe in God and it just hit me as I was commenting on someone else’s status. But it shows to power of God and how much he loves me. I can’t tell you how many situations I have been able to escape from by the grace of God, there’s just no other explanation beside God’s grace.


Sometimes if I’m laying in bed, that feeling of that car speeding towards me will hit me and I will jump in fear, like my body never forgot that moment. I am grateful of God’s love for me and am so happy I have him in my life again.


Just wanted to share that with all of you 🙏 ❤

I look at all the lonely people

Today as I was getting off work; I decided to get something to eat at the food court.  There was a lady in line next to me and I offered to have her jump in front of me; she mentioned how polite I was.  And for some reason she mentioned she had just turned 50 and I said “50! That’s young!”; which hopefully was the appropriate response. This lady was very talkative with me. I was telling her how I just started at this new job and how busy it was during the Christmas season.  And the conversation turned to the churches we went to and she mentioned the church she attended and I told her about how much I liked my church.  As I was talking with her; I could tell she was lonely.  Usually people who talk to complete strangers and start telling you about their lives are lonely; they need someone to talk to.  And I’m a very lonely person so I totally get that. I can’t tell how many strangers I have tried to start up conversations and been given the cold shoulder; it hurts.  But like her; a lot of us don’t have that outlet. And I didn’t want to be the kind of person to not respond to her. She then told me that she was with her friend because she had seizures. I said I understood because I volunteer with people who have disabilities and some of them have seizures as well; so we have to be mindful of that.  It was actually lovely conversation for me as well; I enjoyed.  Although it made me sad that there are so many lonely people out there. We parted ways but I am so glad that I may have been the one person today who listened to her;  another God moment for the books.   The lesson here is be kind to everyone you meet; you’ll never know the difference you might make in their lives.

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I accept your apology

This post may seem jumbled due to the fact I’ve had little sleep and I’m anxious about this incoming storm; the wind is starting to pick up and we are prepared for a tough few days. Anyways I decided to get back on Facebook so I could let people know how I was doing with the hurricane and to see if they are okay; I also messaged everyone I knew who lived in the area; I am anxious and I get overly concerned when storms like this come. As far as I know everyone is managing the storm or evacuated; that made me happy.  I also created a fundraiser for this Suicide awareness walk yesterday and had a goal of $150 to raise; the goal was reached within 5 or 6 hours; with only two donations; one person was so generous and gave $100 and I am so grateful to have friends who care so much; people who love me and are there when I need them. So that being said I plan on logging off  after the storm and only checking Facebook periodically so I don’t get back into that addictive cycle. I really want to continue giving myself a break from social media because I realize how much better I feel without it.

So I’m at work and I waiting on replies to the numerous message I sent.   So people are replying and I’m answering some messages making sure everyone is ok.  I haven’t slept well and I am just not functioning; maybe it’s anxiety.  I had my phone off for a while to save the battery and as soon as I check Facebook; I get this random message request from someone I don’t know. I am always hesitant to accept message from strangers; last time it was some guy trying to sell me medical marijuana or some catfishing account. I open the message and he said “David I want to apologize for being mean to you when were younger; I had low self esteem and you were a good guy”  I’m thinking who is this guy and when did he bully me? The only bullies that really affected me were in elementary school and I remember all their names and to be honest I would never respond to them ( even after 25 years). So I asked him when did he bully me. He said middle school; now at that time my home life was chaotic; my brother was away at a treatment center and he took his life when i was in 8th grade ( 14) so I don’t remember shit from that time in my life; there was too much going on and I mentally blocked it out. If anything I was the one who bullied others; not the other way around. I thought about it for a second and how I should respond and I basically said ” I don’t remember you and I don’t care when you bullied me because it doesn’t make a difference; I accept your apology”  He said thank you and that was it.

In my exhausted state; I sat for a minute and thought about the courage it took for this person to contact me after 20 odd years.  He must have been carrying this around for awhile; feeling bad; not realizing  I have no memory of it or grudge.  But I hope now he has found peace in regards to that and I was able to show grace and mercy; just like Christ calls us to do. It’s an amazing thing to be on the other of that for a change. I can’t tell you how many times I have said hurtful things and wanted to make a amends so bad and the person didn’t accept my apology; like i poured my heart out and was sincerely sorry and you’ve shown no mercy; you know how much that hurts? I stated earlier in my other post about an old friend who was upset at me because I said something hurtful on Facebook.  She was clearly upset and I just remember feeling so bad I had hurt her.  I apologized and instead of holding it against me; she had enough grace to accept my apology and reconnect with me; that’s an amazing thing; it shows that this person cares and has a good heart.  With a few exceptions; I always accept people’s apologies given the right amount of time. Because when we hold grudges; it’s like poison and it eats away at us and who knows how bad this guy felt for bullying me. I mean we were kids and we were are assholes, right? I know I was.  And so many people have their definitions of what a man is and in my opinion a man recognizes when he is wrong and has the courage to apologize when needed. So while I won’t be adding this person; I now have the utmost respect for him.  What a powerful lesson on grace and humility today. God works in mysterious ways

Have a good one





You saved me

I was alone and living a wretched life; full of strife and my heart cut from the world’s knife. You saved me from a life of wrongdoings, consequences from the ruins of living my life apart from you, everything i said and did you knew, i was never out of your view. I cursed your name but you loved me just the same as you healed the lame you healed me; took me some time to see your grace because I was in a dark place away from you. You help me to write and life a live close to your will but still I find myself drifting back into my old ways of anger and self pity but I ask for your help but not in a yelp but shouting by your name. Bring me back to a better life, away from strife, and continue to save me each day as I pray for your forgiveness.