How men talk to women

I have noticed when it comes to approaching women; most men are not like me; they have far more confidence. I’ve seen men just walk up to a beautiful woman and start up a conversation and immediately she is interested; within minutes and it’s always amazing; I am at awe at something I find so difficult. But I also notice some men are extremely aggressive when it comes to approaching woman; particularly in public and it always bothered me. There is this 7-11 that I go to every morning on my way to work and the clerks are all young attractive women; which is a rarity when you go to 7-11. Anyways I am always nice to them and they are polite to me; like you know how you are supposed to act in public. One morning I was there and some guys walked in; I think to replenish the drinks. They went past the clerk and said something like “Hey babygirl” or Hey Sweetheart” She kind of laughed and said hi. She then gave me this look like she had heard all of this before and wasn’t too happy. She looked at me said “Not this again” I responded with ” I guess it’s going to be a long day”. I tried to make a joke of it and left realizing it wasn’t funny.
They have to put with this shit everyday; all they are trying to do is do their jobs and get a paycheck; not be harassed by every random dude that walks into the store. I mean the men weren’t overtly rude but it really helped me to see the subtle way men talk to women; always in a demeaning way. Did this man think by calling someone babygirl; she would give out her phone number? Did the men see it as a compliment because she giggled and didn’t respond back angrily. I don’t know why this bothers as a man but it does. So while I am shy; I’d rather not know how to approach women than to harass them and make them uncomfortable. I’d rather see women as friends with personalities and feelings than see them objects. I do my best everyday to treat people with respect and it hurts to know that women get harassed so much; maybe women I know and that really upsets me. So I can’t control how other men act; I can only be aware of my behavior and hopefully be an example.
Thanks for listening

Mother’s day

Mother’s day

I want to make make a post about mother’s day since it is almost here. I want to first say that I would be lying if I said my relationship with my mother has been perfect; it has been difficult for both of us. I think we are a lot alike which I think has caused some conflict; but it certainty has improved; especially I started sharing my writings and my mom is seeing another side of me; a side I don’t express to anyone. My mom is my biggest fan and I couldn’t be happier; all my life she has been my biggest advocate; fighting to get me the doctors I needed and to get me the accommodations for my learning disabilities. Nobody has fought harder for me than my mom; no one. So while we didn’t always get along I admire my mother because she is a strong woman. That’s probably why I admire women who speak their minds and live their own lives. I have never been one to think women should relegated to just cleaning the house or cooking; they can and should do whatever they put their minds too. I have the respect for women mainly because of her. My parents raised two difficult children and did the best she could despite the difficult circumstances. She grew up in a tough environment and I have always thanked her for not repeating the patterns of the past; it takes en extraordinary person to not continue the cycle and I commend her for that. As i have grown older and gained more respect for my mom; I also appreciate all the other mothers. It must be a tough job to be a mom; a lot of hard work; sleepless nights; phone calls from the school ( my mom had plenty of those) the pain of birth; all things I can’t imagine. But to bring another person into this world; to love and care for them and watch them grow up is an amazing thing. The world is a cold place but it’s nice to know that for some of us; we can always rely on our moms for love and support. Besides my mom I always felt I was surrounded by women who gave me maternal support; women who loved and protected me as I grow up; just another reason for me to have to the upmost respect for mothers and woman in general. I thought of them as angels at the time. So to my mom ( who reads my blog everyday) Happy mother’s day and thank you and I love you so much. Thank for always been there for me on my tough days; listening to me; supporting me and accepting me who I am. I hope I was able to express in this post how I feel and for you understand how much you mean to me. And to all the other mothers I happen to know; thank you for all you do. I may not be married or have kids but I really admire you .

You have a friend in me



Please take the time to read this blog by BeautybeyondBones.  She is a great blogger who is open about her faith and I am always blessed to read her posts. I can sum up by saying this post is  a beautiful person speaking about ugly reality in our society. Please take a look

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