Whatever happened to free speech?

I am really fearful about what I see and read in the news these days; it seems that free speech in this country is slowly being eradicated; particular since Donald Trump was elected ( I’m still wondering if this has been a bad dream and I haven’t woken up)  It scares me that the President of the United States is  calling news outlets “fake news’, refusing to answer questions from certain members of the press ( and their organizations), going after athletes and celebrities who dare to speak out on issues on injustice in our country even going as far as to say they should be fired.  This man and his cronies go against everything that makes America great; especially free speech. The freedom of expression is something we all should hold dear and never take for granted. We have the right to speak our minds when we see injustice; change doesn’t happen if people just accept what it is and not question it. If civil rights workers in the south didn’t fight and protest for the rights of black citizens ( and some cases die for the cause) then Jim Crow would still exist unchallenged.  If women didn’t take to the streets to demand the right to vote; then they still be denied their god given right to elected their leaders. If the disabled didn’t force their government to make handicap accessible buildings; they’d still be waiting on the curb unable to go to work because they can’t access the building. If gays didn’t riot on the streets of New York City outside of the Stonewall bar in 1969; they’d still be arrested for congregating together in nightclubs and bars. Protest is as American as apple pie I for one welcome it; nothing or no one is immune from criticism; including our flag, military, laws or way of life.

I am a history buff and the first thing dictators do is try to suppress free speech; it happened in Russia, Germany, Cuba and now here.  We need a free press that can keep the President, our goverment and the rest of society in check. Suppressing free speech means you are limited the many voices of free speech to one; whatever the dictator wants people to hear and see. And it amazes me that more people are not scared of this. Millions of people think that those who protest the flag or the military should be silenced or( as i said earlier) fired.  Don’t they realize that when you take away one person’s right to free speech; you are jeopardizing your own? If we are not careful then we might wake up one day and we no longer can speak our minds and someone will dictate to us what we can and cannot say. And when you find yourself in prison cell because you wrote an article speaking bad about the government then I hope you remember this blog. Because by the time free speech is gone; this post, blog and probably this whole site will be gone; shut down by a government that doesn’t tolerate free speech


Have a good day



How many more have to die? ( A plea for peace, love and help)

How many more have to die, how many more mothers have to cry; seeing their children lay lifeless on the pavement from a gunshot wound, we need your help and we need it soon. They are helpless children in a Godless world, a girl mourning for her friends, the violence never ends and all you can do is send thoughts and prayers, a society that doesn’t care about those laying dead and ignoring what all of us have said about guns, hasn’t enough damage been done? When will people wake up from this dream, it seems nothing will ever change and I get angrier as I age, at this moment I am filled with rage that our lawmakers do nothing as innocent people die, I can’t figure out why they allow this happen, it saddens me to no end. In the US of A we have to live in fear, not here in this so called free land; it makes me so sad, so mad. No words left today to say but there has to be a way to solve this, this can’t go on unabided, so I’ve decided to the only thing I know how to do and that write in hopes I might change at least one person’s mind and we can find a solution.

Peace, love and Harmony,