This is the time to be thankful, not ungrateful, a state of mind that’s loving, never hateful.I’m so blessed, been put to the test but I’m feeling my best and putting the negativity to rest.I listen to the signs, I put the past behind me and find a brighter way to live for today.I’m moving forward, toward my dreams and it seems like I might just make it and as I sit and write, feels right, no more fright, only courage in my sight, never letting anyone dim my light.Life has it’s trials but while I live them, I grow and know that I’ll make it through because I’m not the person I once knew, I grew, I changed, with age, I became stronger and I’m no longer the frightened lion but a soaring Eagle flyin’, majestically through the air.I am grateful, always thankful, always loving, never hateful, I am me.

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