All mixed up

A little pink pill in the morning, pulse races, heart beats faster. eyes dilate, I’m wide awake, all this new energy, I feel confident.I smoke a cigarette to compliment this energized feeling, I’m so strong, I feel so good, on top of the world.

I turn the music up way loud ( all mixed up), turn the bath and soak in the tub, feeling nothing but euphoria.

I head to my pointless job but with a feeling of artificial confidence, I can talk to anyone, I’m not scared anymore, days that used to drag, now fly by, time has it’s own schedule.

I’m straight until mid afternoon, the dreaded come down but my little blue friend will help, something to sooth the burn of coming down, a chilly pharmaceutical wave of calmness. I may like this a bit too much, something’s not right. Someone get me off this ride, now. 😵t

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