Just another weird dream

I had this dream that I was traveling, I was in this small mountain town, I keep looking at the mountains from this big hill and just saying how beautiful it was. I was with a friend and suddenly these women showed up and started talking with us, they were social media influencers and I was talking to them about what I do on Facebook, they seemed interested.At one point, we were helping to clean their apartment, there was this Native American woman there who didn’t speak but kept staring at me, I was nervous. I broke their oven and I was trying to fix it without them noticing.I was also concerned because I could find this Facebook friend. I was wondering if they had disabled their account or blocked me. And suddenly I looked up and realized that none of us were wearing masks, I was like “Hey, why aren’t we wearing masks?” One girl was like “It doesn’t matter, none of us have covid” But I wasn’t convinced, all I wanted to do at that point was leave..

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