Update: How’s life?

I just feel like I haven’t been on this blog in forever but I had a need to write on here at this moment. I miss this blog, I miss a lot of things.

Since the pandemic, I have lost a lot of motivation, I feel more wired and yet at the same time exhausted, I feel lonely as hell ( and it plagues me the most late at night). I miss being around people even if I didn’t have a deep connection with them, this is just a dark time.

I write in one way or another everyday, just not on this blog, maybe its becasue all my support is on Facebook and it takes so much energy to maintain those connections that I fail to have to energy to stop by my blog, a place I used to update almost everyday.

So mentally and emotionally I’ve been on roller coaster, I started new meds a few months back and am seeing an EDMR counselor, so far things are improving but it doesn’t help curb the loneliness of being stuck at home so much.

But I do take comfort that my mental health advocacy is going well and I am making a difference. I hope all my followers are happy and safe during this time.

Thanks for listening

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