Time surges ahead whether we live it or not.Places once alive; full of boisterous voices and smiling faces are now silent, empty buildings, vacant lots, ghosts of yesterday’s gloom.

Familiar youthful faces fading to grey as time makes a mockery of the past, I no longer recognize them, I suddenly feel very alone as I grow older too.I ask myself where the time went, how could I have missed the peak of my youth, so much lost.

The future is now, they say, don’t look back but I must, unresolved stories and a need for closure, right? If only I could go back and do it right this time.How can I move forward when my feet stay implanted in the past?

Why does time move so quickly? Just slow down and let me get my bearings.Time, the evil necessity, my arch nemesis. Why must you hate me so? When is it time to live in the present and leave the ghosts of the pasts where they belong?

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