Capturing the Sunset

As night approaches; I see a glimpse of the sky and it’s on fire; a bright orange sunset before me. I must capture this moment for posterity, but I can’t stop my car in the middle of the road; I feel the pains of frustration; I decide to catch this sunset before darkness encases the sky; robbing me of this wonder of nature. I pull to a safe place but the sunset has obscured the trees; leaving me only the tiniest crumbs from the fire in the sky. As I drive I try several times to capture the sunset but to no avail; I’m running of time as I see the sky getting darker and darker. I pull into a bank parking lot and walk up to the adjacent sidewalk and feel my foot sink into a puddle of mud; my shoe completely soaked; i finally took a photo of the sky on a busy street full of traffic with the lights of the cars flying past me; this was the Pulitzer prize-winning photo; the sunset I so desperately tried to capture. I shrugged my shoulders and thought to myself; I did the best I could and there’s always tomorrow’s sunset; if you miss one; they’ll be plenty more to capture that’s for sure.

No photo description available.

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