What is happening to our country?

My heart is hurt when I see images of violence of in our city street, I am angry too at the injustice, it has gone on for far too long and we need to make a change, sadly I have no faith in the system and furthermore while I support the protests, I don’t support mayhem and destruction of any sort, it’s solves nothing and only perpetuates the stereotype that certain groups are violent.
That being said, I want to stay informed but sadly, we are saturated with news, not only on television ( thank God, I don’t have cable news) but also online and particularly on social media, it’s just too much, it consumes people and for me, it’s exhausting. Post after post on Facebook is people arguing with one another, everyone wants to be heard but no one wants to listen. I see people saying things to the effect of “If you don’t support the police then I will unfriend you” or “If you support racist cops and Trump, I will block you” There is no civil discourse and everyone is at extreme ends of the spectrum, this is no way to solve these issues, everyone is in their own camps and they won’t budge and they only surround themselves with like-minded people; lost in their own echo chambers, it’s maddening to me.
And that gets to me is that people don’t express their own thoughts, they don’t think for themselves, they watch cable news and parrot the same talking points over and over, they think they are CNN news analysts, it’d be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. I’ve had people tell me to stop paying attention to mainstream news, little do they know that I never watch television and only read the headlines, I ignore the news analysis and just want unbiased reporting. I read the headlines and draw my own conclusion, I don’t allow anyone to tell me how to think and feel, I’m capable of doing that myself. Unlike a lot of people out there, I’m not easily swayed which of course makes it hard to talk about issues because everyone is Don Lemon and I’m just some guy on the street minding his own business. I am passionate about the issues; particularly those related to mental health, disabilities and the plight of the poor under our economic system ( which is failing by the way) but I got my views from my own life experience, not from some talking heads on the news who are not interested in informing but in entertaining and maintaining ratings.
I feel drained by it all, I feel drained by the rampant inequality in our society, about how mean-spirited people have become, people have stopped thinking for themselves and how people can’t talk about the issues we are facing without arguing and insulting everyone and this saturation of the 24-hour news cycle has become toxic,. it is destroying society and no one seems to notice. We can do better; we can be informed without being bombarded by sensationalism and inflammatory language. As of now, I am limiting how much I look at news, I’m not watching television at all and focusing on my mental health advocacy, my writing and listening to plenty of music. Love and peace to you all!!

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