A culture of bullying

Whether people want to admit or not, America is a culture of bullying and shaming, we see in the media, we see at the workplace, school and social media, we love to build ourselves up by putting others down and excluding them, And we condone bullying by electing leaders who bully others and hurl insults when they don’t get their way( on both sides of the aisle), Parents gossip and exclude others who are different from them and they never take the time to teach their children to accept other’s differences; kids see this example and run with it and take it to the school playground where they bully any kid that’s different and the teacher’s look the other because they really don’t want to deal with bullying unless they see it with their own eyes and rarely is bullying out in the open, it usually in the shadows away from the eyes of adults. We can’t fix the problem until we recognize it exists, we have a bullying culture in this country and it is an epidemic. Now what can we do about it? 🤔

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