Fragile flower

I’m a fragile flower in a garden, my leafs are all almost broken off, a fierce wind overtakes me and I do my best to withstand the storm but I’m weak, if this keeps on relentlessly, I’ll eventually blow away.. But take comfort in knowing I’m not the only flower in the garden and others will bloom in my place one’s far more beautiful than I, ones that are strong and able to withstand the strong winds. Don’t you worry. The garden will continue to flourish long after the wind has blown this flower away.

One thought on “Fragile flower

  1. I love Metaphor, so I really enjoyed reading this. But don’t forget, as Christians, when we are weak then we are strong because God’s power works best in weakness. God will use your weakness, Dave. It’s the proud who have to worry about being “blown away.” God will exalt the humble. You may feel as if you’ll be blown down, but those who depend on God will rise on wings like eagles. (Isaiah 40:31) 😊

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