For those that are sensitive

For those of us that are highly sensitive, emotional and overly expressive, we can’t help it, it’s in our make up. Asking us to change our sensitivity is like asking a left-handed person to use their right hand for writing, asking someone with blue eyes to change their eyes color to brown or demanding that a dog speak English.


We are who we are and we can’t change, even if we want to. So give us a break, stop trying to make us into something we’re not. We are going to open with our feelings, we can’t help it, really. We are overcome with empathy and concern for others and why is that such a bad thing? Why are so they so threatened by it? Why does it make YOU so uncomfortable?


I refuse to be shamed for my sensitivity and I want all the other sensitive beings to know that they’re not alone, there is nothing wrong with them and they should embrace their sensitivity, not be ashamed by a society that doesn’t understand our uniqueness. So walk tall and continue to love, express yourself and speak your heart and truth, whether the rest of the world gets it or not. Peace

5 thoughts on “For those that are sensitive

  1. I am a lefty. Although my writing doesn’t look that legible if I use my right hand, there are still many things I can do without taxing my left hand too much. It’s the flexibility that I love the most. Just knowing that if I do want to try using an optional way of being, I can, without too much stress or strain. There are scads of left-handed people on the planet, so although I’m unique in many other ways, that isn’t one of them.

    When I was younger, I seem to remember being asked to use my right hand more, which I think was somebody else’s effort to change me. What I personally took away was my flexibility, not dominant use of my right hand. There’s no shame in being who we are built to be, and no matter how many people there are on the planet, we are all unique in some way, and it’s our choice to be just as we are. In my opinion, the way you know for sure how you are however, is to take a little peek over the fence. You never know. You may see something you can add or substitute once in a while. Keep it lively!!!

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