Gender roles

I just want to share two status I made on Facebook related to gender roles and masculinity and femininity


I think men who are more interested in traditionally female traits like the arts like writing and music and who are expressive with their feelings and able to relate better to women than men are seen as different in a bad way. A lot of men will wonder why this man can’t make friends with other guys. And they make assumptions about this guy’s masculinity or lack thereof. Because femininity in men is seen as a weakness and I think some women believe this as well, depending on how they were brought up. There is so much stigma about men and sensitivity, The patriarchy hurts us all. it is a constant battle but I do my best to talk about these things openly because I know there are men out there like me who feel the way. And as a man who is sensitive and expressive and hates toxic masculinity, I want to lead by example


I stand up for women because they have been always been my biggest supporters, the ones who accepted my sensitivity, the ones who have been there for me when I struggle with mental health, the ones that help me advocate and who inspire me with their writing and support my writing as well.

I hate how society treats women, it’s unfair and they deserve better. I try to be a man who speaks up when I see things are wrong and am facing my fears by speaking my truth.

I say this often but thank you, women, for all you do, for putting up with how some men treat you and for continuing to overcome obstacles and break barriers. You always have my support



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5 thoughts on “Gender roles

  1. Oh my goodness… This one got me teary. The world needs more sensitive men. My husband is a very sensitive man. If it weren’t for that sensitivity, I don’t think that I would have even come to know God. I’m glad that I do.

    Never feel bad about being soft and sensitive. When Jesus walked upon the earth he was a very sensitive man. He fed the hungry and healed the sick, and he, like you, supported women. So you’re heart is looking a lot like his Dave. That’s wonderful. Keep doing what you’re doing, and tuck in close to God. Yeah…you made me teary. In a good way!


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