I have a bully

I have to tell you something, I have a bully. It seems like no matter where I am, he is always there to criticize and belittle me and doesn’t pass up an opportunity to make feel worthless.


When I’m doing well, he likes to remind of the mistakes I made in the past, he tells me no one likes me. He tells me I’ll never make friends and I have no worth whatsoever.


When I’m doing well, he likes sneer and say it won’t last and that I don’t deserve the good things in life and that any praise is just a veiled insult because no one anywhere is my friend, he says no one cares about me.


He tells me that I’m the only one who feels this way and it’s funny to him; that I feel alone. He says don’t tell anyone how you feel because they’ll just laugh. Remember the times you did share your feelings and they did laugh and ostracize you? Its going to happen again because you deserve it.


It hurts so much when he says all these things, I try to tell myself that he’s a bully and that everything he says is a lie but I always believe him. This bully hates me and wants to see fail and I have never found a way to stand up to him because he has always bullied me my whole life. The worst thing about that bully is that the bully is me.


24 thoughts on “I have a bully

  1. 😯 Huh? Well, my friend, you need to tell yourself a different story.

    There are people out there who appreciate you and would like to establish a genuine friendship with you.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day!


  2. A lack of confidence can make us our own worst enemy at times. You need to concentrate on every positive aspect of yourself and get that confidence boosted.


  3. Actually, that bully is really the devil. He wants you to think it’s you. He’s sneaky that way. We all have this bully. He whispers his lies in a way that makes us believe it’s coming from us, but it really isn’t. I’ve believed his lies, and let him bully me too, bud. We all believe his lies, but the more you understand that it’s really him and not you, the easier it becomes to ignore the lies.

    Sometimes his lies even come through other people…like that troll that was harassing you.

    Keep being honest and sharing your feelings! We all need to know that we’re not alone, and we’re not the only one who feels this way. The devil doesn’t want us to speak up, because when we do, people learn the truth–not only about who God is, but also about the devils lies! Great post!!!!


  4. I’ve heard before that “we are our own worst critics.” Not sure if it would help at all, but maybe you could try to think of your situation as if you were someone else. If another person were feeling sad and lonely, you would never be so mean to them!


  5. Ah, the ever infamous inner critic. Don’t listen to him too attentively, though, otherwise he’ll feel even more important than he does now (and he isn’t that big).

    That voice in your head is only capable of one thing: making you feel miserable by criticising you. But you are capable of so much more. Even something as simple as riding a bike is something out of your bully’s league. So go ahead and laugh at him for being so incapable. I hope it’ll make you feel a lot better, because you deserve that.


  6. I read this on your FB and loved it! Most times we are our own worst enemies. I’ve learned so much about myself this year and this was a big part of it! How we perceive ourselves is just as important as how we want others to perceive us.

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