Online bullies on WordPress

You know, I really take pride in my writing and I do it for therapeutic reasons and also I hope my words can reach people in a meaningful way. I do mental health advocacy across all social media platforms including creating a mental health group that is growing and has become a means of support for a quite a few people, I am so proud of that.

I share most of what’s happening in my life and for the most part the support has been incredible, people are kind and their words have really made a difference and I hope that I have made a difference by being a supportive, caring person who wants to help those with mental illness.

All that being said, every so often ( I am sure it’s the same person) will go on my blog and post a barrage of insults, usually they are small and it rolls off my back but this time this person was brutal and I thought the best thing to do was to address it head on.  This person basically alluded to the fact that I whine and am looking for sympathy.  I am not trying hard enough to get a degree and that I don’t want to work and live off of my family, they said I had no life experience and I wasn’t a writer, based on my ignorance and use of vulgar language ( according to them).

Now, I don’t go around insulting people, in fact I think, I am nothing but nice. I don’t see anything in my blogs that are hurtful and I don’t think reaching out and talking about mental health is “whining”. So I have no idea who this person is and why they felt the need to say such hurtful things. But it  is clear, they are hurting and taking it out on me, which is a symptom of mental illness, because a happy healthy person wouldn’t feel the need to do that.

And people say it’s just a troll and to ignore it but it doesn’t hurt any less. So I didn’t want to do this but I have my blog private, only viewable to those who are already following me. That hurts because I know my family reads my blogs, they love it but they aren’t following me, only looking through the website. But to stop the harassment, I have no choice but to make my blog private. And it’s due to an obviously sick individual that needs serious help. I have nothing left to say. I blocked them and hopefully by making this private they can’t see this post.  Right now, I am really upset and it’s the kind of thing that makes me want to share less or stop writing all together.


Is there a way to report this person to WordPress if they are not a registered user ( Only posting through email?

8 thoughts on “Online bullies on WordPress

  1. Hey Dave, I don’t know about reporting them, but I have an idea that might work. Go into your site settings, click on discussion and scroll down to the comments section. There’s a setting that allows only registered users, who are logged in, to comment on your site. If you switch that setting on this person won’t be able to comment and you can make your blog public again! Hope this helps.


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