My blog is dying, I’ll never be a writer

I’ll never be a writer, my blog is dying, it feels like half my followers have vanished. I share my writing on Facebook and Instagram and get nothing so I delete it half the time. I wouldn’t even try to submit because it would just get ignored, like on every other platform. And it kills me is when I see other people’s writing thriving, so well written and articulate, writing about subject matter that actually interests people. Its a fun hobby but I’ll never be a writer because no one is interested in what I have to say. Success is always out of reach and for someone else. Why shout when you only get your echo back?


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39 thoughts on “My blog is dying, I’ll never be a writer

  1. All I can say is, keep writing. My first blogs, on Xanga, resulted in nearly two years of crickets. My own following fluctuates. Some of it is because people leave WordPress, and they are dropped from the list of followers. The main thing is that you are writing for yourself, primarily. Others will follow, gradually.


  2. Sounds like you could do with a confidence build up Dave. You could try this group who are generally very supportive of new writers. There are lots of help topics but it’s usually the personal approach which is warm and helpful. i think you just have to write to Grey on Facebook to ask to join.
    Whatever you decide…….Good Luck


  3. Well, I think you are a writer if you write.
    I write because it is one of the ways I feel well and it has become one of my lifelong practices.
    Having my writing read by others, and considered, is something I certainly appreciate, but it is not why I do it.
    Why do you write and publish?
    If you are not getting what you would like from the process, what could you augment to try to change it?

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  4. As like with anything we set out to do in life, we write for different reasons. My first reason is for myself. I do feel the same lack of support you do from friends and family but because I write as a form of therapy, it doesn’t really bother me that much. I don’t need anyone to read my blog but I feel blessed that a few do. My goal, where others are concerned, is to touch people with my words. I think I do that even though it may be the same two people, lol. It’s not what drives me to write. So, keep writing. It takes some a few weeks and others a few decades to reach their target audience. Just don’t give up.


  5. Dear Dave, you are a good writer..dn’t give up..Just write from your heart not bothering about likes and follows, they will come automatically. You are doing a very good job of advocacy for people with mental health issues and behavioural issues while keeping yourself strong too..Prayers and best wishes for you


  6. “When everything seems to be going against you remember an airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” Henry Ford


  7. Never ever give up. I am reminded of another time in my life here where I was travelling round with a theatre company and one night honest there were five people in that audience and as director I wanted to pull the show and give them their money back but someone said, we go out there and we do it for that five. They want to be here. And it is the same for writing. It is totally disheartening to see people get praise for things and all the rest and think well why not me. I often see terribly badly written things getting accolades — generally from their friends and families– and good stuff being ignored. Nothing comes easy in this business at all. It took me years to land a contract. But that time was never wasted because I did every other working job going from comic books to editing to magazine lay out. Just hang in, and hang tough and also think in bigger goals.


  8. Why shout when you only get your echo back? Imagine this echo being self doubt. How would it impact you?

    Now imagine this echo being self confidence and belief. I would definitely want that kind of echo. Point is keep going my friend, your time will come 😊


  9. You write for yourself, not to keep up with the herd. Something in another blog, you said you refused to do. You will do what makes you happy. & if writing makes you happy, then do so. Don’t worry about someone else. Use this place as a platform to improve if you feel your writing needs it. I’m on here for myself & my friends. They feel I should be a writer, I’m not comfortable with that. So this is the happy medium. I don’t mind the echo when I shout, because it’s easier to get my words out & build confidence. & I put my blogs on Facebook & Twitter, & I don’t delete them. Even when I know they will get overlooked. But there are some that read them. & for those I write. Don’t give up. Not everyone gets recognition immediately, but it doesn’t mean what you have to say is irrelevant. Don’t let your doubts be the shout & turn your soul into the echo. You are stronger than that (:


  10. I have felt the same. I have just kept pushing myself to follow through, to keep writing. I lost my job last year and decided to try to make it as a writer. What a joke! I sent queries out and all that but I got nothing back. I asked an editor I had written for before if she had any books for me to review and she had me do two. I ran out of unemployment and had to get a “real” job. Funnily enough I was only able to get a part time job (luckily it is only 5 miles away). But I still kept writing and talking to people. I had asked the local paper if they needed anyone and was told no but they would keep me in mind. A few months later I saw an ad in the same paper for writers. I called up and set up an interview. I now write for the local paper. Each month they seem to give me a little bit more to cover.

    You can do this. You just need to keep going. Showing up is enough. You will make it as long as you don’t stop trying.


  11. I don’t get a lot of traffic either, but keep writing, you are talented and should continue. A confidence booster I found, Stephen King, one of our most prolific modern writers, was rejected I believe it was in the double digits, for any writing he sent in to magazine, newspapers, etc. he never gave up, look at his fame. Stay strong and keep writing! Just because you may not get a comment or a follow does not mean you are not being heard.


  12. No problem, It happens sometimes you get discouraged but that doesn’t mean that you should give up! Keep going some are here to support you. Keep going and stay happy 😊

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