Depression in men

A short and sweet blog post today


Depression in men is so overlooked. There are much less resources for us, most articles I come across are written from a female perspective with little input from men. I have even read articles that say men suffer from depression less. Bullshit! We are less heard and there is a much stronger stigma for us for reaching for help; somehow seeking treatment makes us less than men. When women speak out, they are brave, when men speak out, they are complaining, they need to be strong and keep it together. It makes me feel frustrated and angry at the time; as if our pain is less. We are in pain too, you know, we just aren’t allowed to express it publicly. I’m trying to change that. I want to encourage other men to speak out about depression and I hope some day to maybe create a support group for men with depression or a website or something because we need help too


13 thoughts on “Depression in men

  1. I don’t think there are less resources for men. I think men just have more shane in admitting they have a problem and struggle to communicate how they feel.


      1. I’m not a man and i can’t get help either. We’ve gone so far backwards in terms or mental health that is depressing in itself.


  2. I to share your outlook and have mental health issues. I live in the U.K and there’s a group on FB that has been started called Men Unite. It’s a safe place for men to engage in coversation with others that have mental health issues. Purely for men. The group started not that long ago, has gathered quite a following not only from the U.K but worldwide and almost up to 9k followers. They help promote the group and the fight in the recognition of mens mental health through football (soccer to the U.S). The stigma attached to men with their struggles is a very important factor here in the U.K and is gaining momentum in recognising that.

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