I had an anxiety attack last night

I had a pretty bad anxiety attack last night and I was trying to find ways to calm down so I sat on the floor and started writing, this is what I wrote.


Anxiety is sky high and I don’t know why, out of breath, dizzy, sitting on the floor, mind is racing, the ceiling cooling my warm body, my hands clammy, body aches, this is too much, reaching out for help, still too sick to go out, nose stuffed up, head fuzzy, being cooped up, only leaving the house once or twice since Saturday to get food.

I feel lonely and isolated, relying on an electronic world for support, information surging through the air. Where does it comes from?

My brain is fried and I have no energy, got my music, Stevie “As”, music is the only thing that calms me, I couldn’t mediate if I tried, I can’t shut off my brain

I don’t want a book or a seminar or a pill or an oil ( snake oil). I just want to be calm and for this anxiety to go away. You dig? Phew



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