I just want to be normal

I hate being different; I don’t want to stand out from the crowd, I want to fit in like everyone else, you know, normal. I want to be able to navigate through social mazes with ease, plastering on the smile, keeping the conversation going with mindless small talk about the weather or the game ( must learn about sports, everyone seems like like it)


In order to appear normal, I have to refrain from talking about my own interests, which others respond with disdain and boredom, that never feels good, in fact I feel small and I want to go home. But if I must meet people, I have to be normal or at least appear normal.


No one likes people that are too different, they get pushed aside and ignored. The question is : must I be normal to shake off this “otherness”. I am lonely and if I have to be someone I’m not to make friends, than so be it.


I have to be like them or else they’ll never fully accept me. I know, you may say this is bullshit or negative but these thoughts are a constant source of anxiety, they feel real and I write this because someone out there has the same script in their head.


I learning to accept my uniqueness because only through honesty, being myself, can I make friends worth having. There is no such thing as normal, it’s subjective and frankly boring.


Normal isn’t fun, it doesn’t laugh unless it’s at the expense of someone else. Normal is ordinary, when you want to be extraordinary. I am far from normal and I’ve accepted that. I can finally be happy and so will you when you accept yourself and toss the notion of normalcy into the garbage disposal ❤


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17 thoughts on “I just want to be normal

  1. I gave up on “normality” long ago. Every person is different, you can’t expect a blanket conformity. & even if one was issued, I’d fail. So at 33, I will sit in my bed filled with stuffed animals, hugs my cats, & watch stuff on my phone. Not drinking, not partying, content with my own company. Because the normal people scare me, but also inspire me to dance my own way. The only way


  2. I love what you shared in this post. Learn to embrace your uniqueness and your own quirks. You don’t have to fit in you are supposed to stand out from the crowd. It’s easier to say but I have been embracing my uniqueness. You should too.


  3. good for you! normal is boring………and through my many years on Earth, I have yet to meet someone who is “normal” we all are fighting at least one battle in our life………


  4. I hate being different too. The only people who like being different or weird are the ones who have the privilege of being able to choose to be different.


  5. You are you and that is enough to be. Self-love is the key. You don’t have to put on a mask for anyone. You are important enough just being who you are. Honestly, you are not alone. There are many people who have much in common with you. Try to not be afraid to put yourself out there because eventually, you will find the right people to have in your life.

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  6. I’ve never been normal, so it’s probably too late to start now, lol. Normal often translates to superficial, so I’d rather be a deep, thoughtful, nerdy weirdo.


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