Church music

We have just been past Easter and I went to a great church with my parents on good Friday, it was actually quite powerful. At the end of the service, we were instructed to walk out in silence, as a way of just taken the sermon in, which made the service that much more powerful. As we were walking out I was annoyed because the people around me were talking among themselves and I keep thinking ” Don’t they have any respect, they can’t be quiet for the 2 minutes it takes to walk out the church?” I said to my mom when we got outside in the parking lot ” This is just like when people clap after a musical interlude in church, it really annoys me because, this isn’t a concert hall, it’s a holy place and you are just supposed to reflect on the music you have heard or maybe be in prayer but the clap cheapens the whole thing, it’s not necessary, sometimes there’s no other response but silence.

It makes me think about something else. As an advocate and a writer a part of me wants feedback on whatever I have written. Like most people, I want a response   And I am slowly realizing that not everything needs an immediate response ( much like the clapping in church).  Sometimes the important thing is that reader of my words, just take it in, reflect on it and that what I say makes a difference. I have said this in many ways but  I like this analogy and am going to use it when my I start questioning whether people are reacting in positive way. It makes no difference the amount of feedback I get,  what’s important are that my words affecting people ( without or without a response) in a meaninful way   So whether my post gets a million likes or crickets, I have faith that this will make a difference in someone’s life. Thank you for reading


One thought on “Church music

  1. Great message in this one. I think we all can get discouraged when we focus too much on receiving feedback. It’s not easy to take our eyes off our selves. I’m struggling with this as I go through this roller coaster Season. Thanks for sharing Dave! Stay positive.

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