Do you ever think of me?

Wherever you are these days and whatever you’re doing, I wonder if you ever stop and think of me, even if just for a millisecond. Am I worth the rent in your head or did you evict my memory years ago?. If i’m not worth the rent then why do I lease you an empty space in my head? I’m holding onto the lease when you’ve already moved across town. In fact, if I really think about it, you never lived in this building, to begin with, it was wishful thinking on my part. I’m sorry, I bothered you, go back to whatever you were doing.. Have a good day 

6 thoughts on “Do you ever think of me?

      1. It will surely work out, dnt worry. Try to practice loving kindness meditation and mindfulness. Hope both will help you. Prayers and best wishes for your studies 😊👼

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  1. Hi, i didn’t actually got it, probably because of my english knowledge, but i like your blog, the rest is really interesting and unique🌕

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  2. Dude this is real. This real. This is what I’m going through. I like the metaphors you use. Renting space in my head. I love it. That’s the truth. Your words are exactly what I’m dealing with. Thank you.


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