Why are men afraid to talk about mental health?

Today I made another video. I’m taking some time to talk about the stigma of men and mental health. It’s time we as men are more open about struggles with mental health, stop shaming men who talk about mental illness openly, as males we should support one another not tell other guys to “man up”. I call this suicide prevention because the suicide is high among men, mostly due to stigma. I am hoping to connect with other men on social media who are willing to advocate for mental health and spread awareness because some days I feel like I’m the only one speaking out.


15 thoughts on “Why are men afraid to talk about mental health?

  1. I wish more people asked this question; perhaps it would lead to important discussion—by men and women, mothers and fathers, friends and siblings, and more. I finally wrote a combination trekking adventure/memoir that led me so many places and was so cathartic. And I am hearing from many readers who say my book has helped them. So, when men talk about mental health, we help ourselves and others. I would add to your question: “and boys.” We need to get past the stigma about males and sensitivity.


  2. You’re not the only one. 🙂 While my blog doesn’t exclusively focus on mental health, by any means, it is a topic I have written about on a number of occasions and will continue to write about. Here is my blog’s home page: https://blindinjusticeblog.com

    Also, if you want to connect on social media, just let me know whether you are more into Facebook or Twitter, I’m more than happy to connect. There’s only one blog with the name I have for my blog (to my knowledge) and only one person with my name (to my knowledge), so everything should be easy to find!


  3. Agreed! I’ve recently started a blog series on my blog page talking about male mental health and something needs to be done about it. It’s been swept under the carpet for too long


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