Writing my first story

I am really enjoying writing my first story and I have no idea what is going to happen to the characters until I write it; so even I’m somewhat surprised every time I write.  I have all these ideas of how I want to continue the story and some of it is based on my own life experiences and feelings; in a sense the main character is based on me.   When I first began the story; I was really going to make it about one main character and every other person would be a supporting player so to speak.  I have managed to introduce several characters and give them personalities and a back story and hopefully plots of their own in the future. I really life writing and I feel fueled creatively.

I am also influenced by TV shows I have seen over the years. The whole story was inspired by an old unsolved mysteries segment about a real life event where a man woke up in the desert and had no idea who he was. He didn’t know his past or his family or even his name. Eventually he did found his identity and soon realized that he had a warrant out for his arrest because he stolen some frozen food ( along with their truck) from a company he had worked for. And of course these whole amnesia thing could have been a cover because he didn’t want to go to jail; I found it to be fascinating.  I also was influenced by the show Twin Peaks.  The show started with a dead girl washed up on the beach and the investigation that ensued. As the show went it became less solely focused on who killed the girl but more focused on the town’s people and the various subplots happening in the town of Twin Peaks. That’s where I want my story to go; I want the focus to be less on the original main character and more about the people around him; his amnesia is only catalyst to all these other non-related events.  It probably sounds confusing and convoluted but I really enjoy writing this way. It’s less of a book and more of a serial drama or soap opera.  This is exciting and I can’t wait to write more. Wish me luck


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12 thoughts on “Writing my first story

  1. I won’t wish you luck because I don’t believe in it (If I have to believe in luck, then I have to believe in bad luck, and uggh, why?). But, I will send some love and positive creative vibes your way. Sounds exciting and I look forward to reading it or watching it on TV if you develop some sort of script or something. Please keep us posted! Enjoy! Writing is so much fun (Most times!). Hugs.

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  2. Keep working away. You’ll have it done before you know it. Sounds like you’re already ahead of many writers since you can find inspiration in such a wide array of places. I’ve wrote a post or two myself on that. If you keep your eyes open you can find inspiration in anything from daily events, books, TV, movies, and even video games. Sky is the limit if you’re alert and imaginative enough.


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