A crippling shyness that overtakes me, the words I want to say but they never come out the way I’d like. Seeing others do this social thing with ease; hurts me beyond belief and leaves my fragile heart to break in pieces that fall to the ground. I wish I could get over this shyness; I wish I could be happy like them; but like a turtle I stay in my shell; caught up in my own inner dialogue; while the sound of talking and laughter burst my sensitive ears drums. It’s too  much to take so I step outside for some fresh air ; hoping someone will follow my lead but sadly no one joins. I’m alone but at least I take comfort in the silence. The silence of shyness; for which you’d never understand.


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12 thoughts on “Shyness

  1. Ever in a circle. There are many ways to over come shyness as I too am somewhat shy. I created an alter ego that some people seem to love. And when they realize I am that alter ego they enjoy, then it opened a door for them to get to know me as well. Will this alter ego work for everyone? No but it did for me. My alter ego is a clown. I do Christian clowning helping others, making people smile, and when they realize it was me, they enjoyed me.


  2. I would say you’re more unique than disadvantaged. See many a time, we get so lost in the struggle of being seen as normal yet we actually aren’t.
    Shyness may look not so cool a thing but trust me, not everyone recognizes and appreciates the poetic silence, that solace.
    This is a power the ordinary don’t get to experience, so I would say embrace it for people will always find a way in and out of one’s life without even trying; that’s the rule of humanity.
    I hope I helped.


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