Dream #6

I haven’t been sleeping well lately and last night I finally slept the while night through for about 8 hours (which is a rarity); I had a nice long vivid dream. As soon as I woke up, I immediately wrote down the dream; the best I could remember.

The dream started out at a funeral for a little boy that had died; it was large crowd and I was feeling upset; I could feel myself start to cry. I was carrying a box which I think had his ashes; I almost dropped it a few times and people kept looking at me; I was really nervous. I placed the box on the altar and afterward we were standing on these big steps outside of the church; just talking.  Then I was with the disabled ministry and we were in a shopping center and close to an abandoned warehouse.  We were just hanging out there for some reason; one of the leaders was there but in the dream she looked different. I keep trying to talk to her but she was ignoring me; in fact, everyone seemed to be ignoring me. At the end of the shopping bar was like a biker bar and there were all these tough guys walking in. There was some woods to the side of the bar; full of trash.  I was talking to one of the young adults there; I was asking him how his job was going etc.  I had to go the bathroom so I was looking for a place to go; I went in the woods and came back and everyone was in the same area; gathered in a circle just talking.  At one point I was just walking around and I think I was in a house.  I was still concerned about the leader who was ignoring me.   All of a sudden, I was laying on the floor and I saw an old childhood friend. In the background the song “Under the Bridge” by the Red-Hot Chili Peppers was playing.  That song reminds me of my brother who passed away.  In the dream I said to my friend “This reminds me of Joe” He said quietly, I know, man, and gave me a hug.   Next, we were all back outside and I had to use the bathroom again. I went back in the woods and when I returned; everyone was still there. I got bored went to the abandoned building by myself and it some graffiti and there were some kids skateboarding.  I came back and everyone was gone; I was concerned. I was looking everywhere and couldn’t find them.  I ended up in an office building and trying calling them on their cell phones but to no avail.  I walked through a nature path and they were nowhere to be found. I was feeling angry and hurt and literally abandoned.

I woke up kind of shaken; trying to find meaning in this dream.  All I know is that maybe   Even as I write this, I am emotional about; it was such an intense dream with so many interpretations.   I have to remind it was only a dream and I am ok.


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9 thoughts on “Dream #6

  1. I have nightmares, since I was a teenager. They occur more nights than they don’t and they aren’t even anything I want to share with anyone because of how disturbing they are. I understand and the knowledge that they aren’t real takes awhile to sink in but thank goodness we do wake


  2. Oh, I feel for you. Dreams like that can be so hard.

    My therapist has worked with me on my dreams — I like her approach. She taught me to ask myself how old I feel (sometimes different portions of the same dream would have me feel like I was at different ages of life) and also ask me what the place, person, or circumstance ‘represented’ to me in each part of a dream.

    For instance, I had a dream where a friend, who passed away, was driving a car like the one I had in high school and the brakes didn’t work and we were running through stop lights. When I woke up I was really spinning with trauma and stress symptoms. After I analyzed each part as to what I thought it represented ‘to me’, I no longer felt scared by it.

    So in that particular dream I felt fourteen. My friend driving, who had passed on, represented secret parts of my self that I was afraid to tell others about (that friend was one of the few I had told about my abusive upbringing) and running the red lights represented how out of control I felt over my own life and how much I desired more clearly defined boundaries (‘stops’).

    I was in the process of implementing better boundaries, and seeking solid friendships wherein I could tell others my story (my friend’s passing had left a void in my life–few people/friends really knew the ‘real’ me).

    Hope that made sense. Blessings to you –may you have God’s peace, both during the day and night 🙂


    1. That is very interesting interpretation of your dreams. I am very affected by dreams; just like you. I have had many dreams where I am driving and I can’t open my eyes; a lot of it has to done with feeling out of control, I think. A lot my dreams at least are about searching for something, feeling rejected/abandoned and the inability to communicate with those that have passed. I have appreciated your comments and they really made me think. Dreams fascinate me

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