Today was a better day

Yesterday I made a post on my blog and Facebook about the fact that I’ve been suffering from a pretty bad depressive state.  I had been doing pretty good and felt I had made a lot of progress but I slipped back in depression once I lost my job. And first off let me just say I am so amazed at all the supportive comments and message; unbelievable how many people care; it warms my heart; it makes me feel less alone and that its ok to express my pain so openly. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Anyways  last night I got a message from one of the leaders of the disabled ministry asking if I could volunteer today; I knew it was exactly what I needed to get out of my head. I just needed to get out of the house and around people and the ministry is perfect. I’m part of a caring group and my depression subsides when I am helping others; I feel I am useful and needed.  I really love this group; they are so kind to me and they always tell me how good I am with the disabled adults. I love being around them; they are a lot of fun and it gives me a chance to practice kindness, patience, love and I always grow in my faith as well. We have bible studies and pray before meals and it just a generally positive place and it helps me through my depression.


So today I volunteered; we had lunch and afterwards broke up into seminars; each little group doing their own thing. I was a part of a fitness group; we did about 30-minute workout with stretching, jumping jacks, a medicine ball; it was like being in gym class again; a lot of fun. And in all that time I didn’t think about my depression; I was just focused on trying to be a good volunteer; being patient with them and laughing with them; it was a good time.

After the volunteering I stopped to get a cup of coffee at this little coffee place in the downtown area; I love it.  It over looks the downtown; the coffee is great and it always filled with people; a perfect place to write. They have this little attic area and I found a cozy spot and just drank my coffee; I made a little vlog. As soon as I got up to leave; I saw one of the leaders walk up; he told me they were having a staff meeting. I didn’t want to intrude but he was like “No, you can stay”.   I was happy to sit and listen. They talked about a Christian conference they went to do and the message of Christ and how we can apply that to those that are developmentally disabled. They talked about ways of expanding the organization and improving the lives of the disabled adults we serve. I was really impressed and had no idea everything that went into how this ministry was run; it gave me a lot of insight. I was able to chime in with some ideas as well.   It was a blessing to be with them during this discussion.


I am one that doesn’t believe in coincidences and even though I am struggling; I know God is working in my life. I happened to be in that coffee shop for a reason; they just happened to be there right there as I was about to leave and sitting at the very table I was at. They could have sat down somewhere else and I would have missed them but it didn’t happen that way. For those who may not have faith; they may not get it; but it’s clear to me.  God is not subtle when he gives me signs. And this ministry is my calling; working with these young adults is something I am passionate about.  I take comfort in knowing God is taking care of me and giving me this opportunity to serve others.  I am just smiling right now and so grateful that I had a much better day today.


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