The mystery train part 6

As they walked off the train and onto the platform; Dave said with a sigh “Do you remember why I was going to Seattle, did I tell you?  Iris replied “No, you just told me you were headed to Seattle but didn’t give me any details” “Oh” stated Dave in a disappointed tone.   “Well, maybe I will remember soon” said Dave.   “Like I told you on the train; I’ll be here for you every step of the way until we figure who you are” said Iris with a smile.   They were both in a strange city that they had never been to before and they only had each other and the clothes in their suitcases. Dave had no money or cell phone and had to be reliant on Iris; she knew this and wasn’t quite sure if she was up to the challenge. She could barely take care of herself yet alone take care of another person; she was used to being on her own. But she liked Dave so much that she didn’t mind his company.  Her and Dave both sat down on a bench outside of the train station and Iris began to ponder about where they would stay; she didn’t know anyone in the city and Dave knew Alex but of course because of the amnesia; he had no recollection of his friend Alex inviting him to Seattle. Iris was worried because she had some money saved but wasn’t sure how long it would last; staying in Seattle; trying to find a hotel; eating and transportation; an expected turn of events for Iris. She tried her best not to show her concern to Dave; she didn’t want to create more stress than he already had.


It was rainy day which was not unusual for Seattle and both of them had no raincoat or umbrella; they were both soaked within minutes. Alex noticed a little coffee shop across the street and said to Dave “Hey we’re both tired; why don’t we grab a cup of coffee; warm up; get out of this rain and maybe we can figure what to do once we get some caffeine in us” David nodded his head silently in agreement; it had a been a long stressful trip and he was really tired.  They both walked in and it was a very hip coffee shop full of young hipster types; there were couches and little tables full of customers drinking coffee; Dave noticed a little turntable that was playing a Nick Drake album over the loud speaker; a memory was sparked; he liked music; particularly records. He felt he had heard this kind of music before but he didn’t know what it was or where he heard but it was comforting; they both liked the place.   As Iris looked around, she saw a small stage with a microphone. She noticed a bunch of posters on the wall for local bands and artists “hmmm” she thought.  She really enjoyed the arts; seeing music and poetry.  She immediately remembered that Dave had said that he wanted to be a writer and it sparked an idea.  “Hey, Dave, I know you don’t remember but you told me earlier that you wanted to be a writer” explained Iris.  “I did? I don’t think I could be a writer” Dave replied feeling confused and a little frustrated that this woman seemed to know things about him that he couldn’t remember.  “It’s ok, honey.  I thought maybe you’d enjoy seeing a poetry reading” said Iris with a smile on her face.  She was waiting patiently for a response from Dave who wasn’t quite sure about anything at the moment.  Dave responded with “Sure, why not” Iris gleamed with delight; she was hoping that if she could get Dave to meet other writers and artists; it could get him to start writing and maybe through writing; it could spark some memories within him and they could be closer to finding his identity; she had a good feeling about this.


They ordered their coffee and sat down on the couch.  Iris and Dave just sat silently and sipped their drinks; they were lost in thought; both contemplating what their next move in Seattle would be.  Iris finally said to Dave “We need to figure where we’re going to stay, let me search on my phone for some hotels” As Iris was on her phone Dave noticed the two girls that were sitting near them; they were  both looking at him and talking softly amongst themselves; they were really cute and Dave was wondering why they kept looking in his direction. He was usually shy around women he liked so he kept his head down and focused on Iris in front of him; focused on trying to get his memory back.  Suddenly the two girls approached Dave and Iris and asked “Hi, do you mind if we join you?”  Iris looking up from her phone exclaimed “Sure of course” Dave too shy to talk to these girls; muttered a soft hello with his head down.  Iris put her phone in her pocket and introduced herself and Dave.  “My name is Iris and this is my friend Dave” “Hi I’m Susan and this is Melanie” Melanie said in a cheery voice.  Susan was short and blonde with large rimmed glasses and had a tattoo of a rose on her shoulder. Melanie was taller with long black hair and also had various tattoos.  “So are you guys from around here, I see you guys have suitcases; so I am assuming you are visitors” said Susan.  “Yes, we just arrived here in Seattle” replied Iris.   “We both were on the same train to Seattle from New York” added Iris.  “Oh New York, what brought you all the way out here?” “No idea” replied Dave. Both girls laughed nervously; confused by Dave’s answer.  Iris felt a need to explain.  She asked Dave “Do you mind if I tell them?”  This seemed to pique the girl’s interest.  Dave said “Ok” “Well, it’s a long story but I met Dave in the train station and we ended up talking the whole train trip; he’s a great guy” Susan put her hand on Dave’s shoulder, laughed quietly and gave him a flirty look which annoyed Iris.  “Sometime during the night; Dave fell; bumped his head and when he woke, he had lost his memory” “I was supposed to go to Wyoming but just couldn’t leave him on his own so I decided to stay with him and he told me he was headed to Seattle” said Iris in a serious tone.  “I would leave him alone either” said Melanie with a big smile.  Iris ignoring her comment “So yeah, here we are” Iris said.



Melanie said “That is quite an interesting story and I am sorry that happened to you, Dave” “What are you guys going to do?”    Iris let out a big sigh and said “We have no idea; we are searching for hotels” Susan and Melanie looked at each other and both nodded.  Susan exclaimed “I know we just met and you can say no, but we are both renting a house not far from here.  We have a spare room and you can stay with us until you figure things out” Dave looked at Iris and waited for her answer.  Iris sat for a minute and thought about it.  She didn’t know these girls and didn’t fully trust them; she didn’t like how they were flirting with Dave and felt a ping of jealousy; she wasn’t sure if they were taking advantage of Dave in the state, he was in. At the same time, they needed a place to stay and who knows how long they’d be in Seattle.  Iris said to both girls “Do you mind if I take a few minutes and talk it over with Dave” “Sure” said Susan.    Iris and Dave walked over to a couch on the other side of the shop.  “Dave, do you feel comfortable staying with these girls?  Dave sat for a minute; thinking hard and replied “Yes, they seem nice and staying at a hotel could be expensive; what do you think?”    “I might be taking a chance but I think we should stay with them as well” They both walked back and Iris stated “Yes, we’ll stay with you until we can get all of this figured out, how much are you charging for rent?”   Susan replied “Oh, don’t worry about rent. Just do us a favor, chip in for groceries” “No problem” said Iris.   “Great, it’s all set” Melanie said.


Iris then asked about the poetry reading “So I guess they have poetry readings here” “Oh yeah, we have open mic nights 3 days a week with local artists; it’s great” said Susan.  “We both play guitar” said Melanie.  “Oh, that is cool!” exclaimed Dave.   “Yeah, we are in an all-girls band and play throughout the city” Dave thought that was cool. Iris seemed less impressed; maybe her jealously was getting the best of her.  “A lot of artists live around here.” said Melanie.  “That is good to know’ said Dave; his interest in these girls piqued. He had no idea why he was interested in the arts but he was sure sure it would come back to him.   Iris was excited about the poetry reading too. She figured that this could really help Dave and maybe she was changing her mind about these girls; they could inspire him to be creative.   She just needed to get over her jealously and be less possessive of Dave. I mean, they weren’t a couple and she had no reason to be jealous but she had developed feelings for him and it hurt to see these girls flirt with him.  She recalled how on the train; Jim had intruded on their lunch; making Dave feeling so small and flirted with her blatantly right in front of Dave; obviously hurting his feelings; she felt guilty about that at that moment.   “Now I know how it feels; maybe this is karma coming back to bite me in the ass” thought Iris.    Susan exclaimed “Well, do you guys want to head back to the house and get settled, we are only a few blocks away.  They all agreed and left the coffee shop to stay with complete strangers they had just met. They had no idea what lay ahead for them on this new adventure; that had so many twists and turns that they could barely keep up.  Both Dave and Iris looked at each nervously; hoping they wouldn’t regret this.


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