The mystery train part 4

Dave spent the rest of the day cuddled up next to Iris; anxious about figuring who he was; Iris did his best to calm him.  She said “Dave, don’t worry I’ll help you; however long it takes” Dave had no idea who this woman was; how long he’d known her and why she was so willing to help him but for some reason he put his trust in her.   Iris was contemplating to herself if she should get off in Seattle with Dave and help him find his way or go to her intended destination where she was to visit a family she hadn’t seen in over a decade. Her Uncle had just died and she was posed to inherit quite a hefty sum of money; she was conflicted. She had grown to care about Dave in such a short period of time and she needed to help him find his identity. At the same time, she needed to see her family; heal the wounds from the past and this money could really help her get her life together. “What’s a girl to do” Iris thought to herself.   Iris had only a few days to make her decision. Dave could tell something was wrong and asked “Are you okay?”  Iris replied “Of course I am, honey, you just rest, alright?”   Dave nodded his head and put his head on her shoulder and fell back asleep.


As they got closer to Wyoming; Iris made a decision; she just couldn’t live with herself if she left Dave all alone somewhere; she had to help him.  She called her cousin Emily to let her know that she couldn’t make the trip.  “Emily, it’s me Iris; I’m on the train headed towards Wyoming” said Iris in an anxious voice” Emily replied sensing something wrong “Iris, it’s good to hear your voice.  You sound anxious, I know we haven’t seen you in a long time but thank you for being there for us, you know we love you” Iris felt so bad because she knew that canceling this trip would really hurt Emily.  They were really close as kids and Iris thought of her as a sister; since she was an only child. As they became teenagers; they grew apart and had lost touch with each over the years. Long story short Iris had stolen Emily’s long-term boyfriend and it caused a big rift between the two of them that was never mended. And Iris had mental health struggles with caused even more strain with her extended family and eventually she became estranged from them.   Iris thought about it for a second and swallowed hard she said “Emily, I cannot make it on the trip” “Emily replied “What do you mean? You’re already on the train. I don’t understand” Iris said “You see, I met this guy” and before she could finish her sentence Emily interrupted “Jesus, Iris, it’s always about some guy for you.  If it wasn’t my boyfriend; it was missing my wedding because you were out with your boyfriend doing god knows what” “You have always been a selfish bitch, you know” Iris feeling the anger rise in her.  “Listen, Emily; it’s not like that” Emily rolled her eyes; hoping Iris could sense her annoyance.  “Emily, I met this incredible guy and we got to talking and he is just so sweet. Anyways he fell; woke up and now has no idea who he is; he has total amnesia.   I cannot bring it to myself to leave him all alone. He’s supposed to be in Seattle and his wallet and phone are missing; he has no idea who he is”  “So don’t call me selfish or bring up the past; that’s really fucked up; you keep throwing the past at me and it’s not fair”    Emily realizing that Iris was sincere apologized profusely; she really did love Iris and was just hurt that she had let her down once again. When she found out the kind thing she was doing for Dave; Emily realized she had been wrong. They both said their goodbyes and Iris promised to come back to Wyoming once everything with Dave was settled; a promise she intended to keep (unlike the thousands of promises she had made in the past)


The train stopped in Wyoming and Jim got off; Iris could see Jim from the window as he got off the train. From the platform; Jim flashed her a smile which sent chills down her spine and she didn’t know why. Something about the smile bothered her; like he knew something she didn’t.  He had given her really bad vibes and was she wasn’t regretting stay with Dave on the train.  Jim was a complete jerk and she had made so many mistakes in the past with men like Jim.  She had a good feeling about Dave; he was just such a sweetheart and she truly believed fate had brought them together.


As Jim got off the train; he realized that Iris had earlier said that she was going to Wyoming and yet she was still on the train with Dave. He felt a fit of anger and jealousy; he sat on the bench until the train left the station.  He walked out of the station into the prairies of Wyoming; muttering to himself “that son of a bitch, steal her from me; well you paid for it, didn’t you, you bastard” Jim took out Dave’s phone and threw it on the ground; stomping it with his foot; and the phone became a mound of broken pieces.  He threw the bits and pieces of Dave’s digital life into a field. He took Dave’s wallet and broke apart of all of his credit cards; his id; everything and threw it in the air; laughing like a child; a man in a pickup truck drove past him; shaking his head.  Jim was satisfied and could now do what intended to do on this trip; get the money he was owed; he was going to get that money one way or another he though to himself as he clutched to the knife he had in his pocket.


Meanwhile on the train; everything went smoothly from that point on and they only about 2 days left on this train trip.  Iris hoped in this time Dave might start remembering but he still didn’t have a clue but he felt more comfortable with Iris and she began to talk about herself more.  She told him about her Uncle’s death; her cousin Emily and the strain with her family; Dave listened patiently as Iris poured her heart out to him.  She admitted to Dave that she hadn’t seen her family over in 10 years and suffered from mental illness.  “Does that bother you” asked Iris.  “Of course, not Iris” replied Dave.  “Does it bother you that I can’t remember who I am or how I know you?   Iris said “No honey, I am going to help you and will be there for you” Iris looked into Dave’s eyes with a loving look; she kissed him passionately to Dave’s surprise.  As much as she couldn’t believe; she was falling in love with Dave. She’d been with so many guys and lived with a few of them for many years but she never felt the way she did about this man she had only met a few days earlier.  And although had no idea who she was is; he knew she cared and slowly felt himself falling in love and a part of him didn’t want to know his old life; especially if Iris wasn’t a part of it.


The 2 days passed quickly and finally the announcement came from the loudspeaker that they were close to Seattle.  Dave asked “Something about Seattle seems to familiar; am I supposed to be there?”  Iris lit up; realizing that maybe part of Dave’s memory was coming back.  “Yes, Dave” exclaimed Iris in a cheery voice.  “Yes, you are going to Seattle, is there anything else you can remember?”   Dave shook his head no; Iris was disappointed.  “It’s a start” Iris thought to herself.   About 30 minutes later another announcement “We have arrived at the King’s street Seattle station; please use the front exits and de-board in an orderly fashion.  Dave felt nervous and anxious about what lay ahead for him but he took comfort in the fact that Iris would be with him. Iris felt nervous too; she had no idea how long she’d be in Seattle or what would happen along the way. They both got their bags and walked towards the exit; the old man who was seated in front of him; wished his luck and shook his hand.  Dave wondered why this man was friendly with him; he had no idea that he had even talked to this man before.  They both stepped off the train into a city they had both never been too (although in Dave’s mind he could have been here 100 times and never known it) ready for a new adventure they’d never forget; in Seattle



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