Plan B ( God’s plan)

Tonight was great; I helped volunteer with with disabled ministry at church; we had a huge benefit dinner for the ministry and all the young adults and volunteers were there.  They paired me up with one of my favorite people there; we worked great as a team.  Before we started serving I went with the young adult I was helping and we introduced ourselves to everyone.  One of the volunteers; who is an incredibly nice guy; had his parents and grandparents there.  I talked to his Grandfather and the young adult I  was with mentioned I just got a new job at Costco; he is just as excited about it as I am.   I told the man about the new job and how I try to work hard and I hope they keep me.  And this man said something to me that has stuck with me.  He said ” listen there are two plans; plan A and Plan B.  Plan A is your plan; it’s what you want; your goals.  But Plan B; that’s God’s plan and if this doesn’t work out; then it’s not in God’s plan.  You can only do your very best and that’s all you can ask of yourself”  That was so insightful and one of the best piece’s of advice I’ve heard in a very long time.  I sort of choked up; looked up and said thank you; that was a God moment for sure.  I was in the right place and exactly where I needed to be; because there have some rough moments at Costco, but God was speaking to me through that nice older man who I had never met before; I didn’t have time to process until now; really.

I always thinking about God’s timeline; how things happen for a reason.   It’s like that time that I walked into the church; finally having a day off and they were talking about the Rainbow Ministry and I talked to the pastor about it and the next thing I knew I was meeting up with the leader of the Rainbow Ministry and her daughter about volunteer opportunities. And here I am a part of this wonderful; caring group where I feel at home.  Even the leader to me said : honey you are like family, sit with us at church anytime”   God has given me a purpose here and sometimes I am at loss for words at how blessed I am.  I was driving home yesterday and thinking about my friends I grew up with; the rainbow ministry and getting a new job; making more money; I just started crying because I am so blessed, you know.  God speaks to me everyday and sometimes I feel like he has singled me out for a special purpose; God wants me to take the pain I experienced to help others.  Its amazing how a 5 minute conversation with a stranger could spur a whole blog post I guess it’s a part of the plan.   Stay blessed, my friends.  God loves you


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