Well Thanksgiving is almost here and it’s the season of gratitude.    Oftentimes in my life; I find myself struggling and find myself being anything but grateful; I think like a lot of people I complain a lot when life is difficult and things don’t go my way; I fail to have gratitude on some days; it is something I am working on   I think I for one often focus on the things I don’t have and fail to see the wonderful blessings I have been given; it’s easier to look at the negative than to work on having a more positive outlook.  And I really don’t get envious about material things; sure I’d like a place of own but I realized that having people in my life is more important than material things.  So i find myself wanted what others have in terms of relationships/friendships (life can be lonely), having better health ( those that don’t struggle with anxiety or depression or physical issues ) or those with a higher job status. I compare myself to them a lot and put myself down in my own head. Why can’t I be more like them? Why do I have all these obstacles and am not as successful as they are. And of course it’s worth noting that we are all on different journeys and all have our own strengths and weakness and our own crosses to bear.  We just have to do the best we can with that we’re given and not to compare ourselves to other people because we have no idea what they are struggling with; the things that they don’t tell us.

And since I’ve started writing during Thanksgiving I always take the time to write something about gratitude but not only is it important for myself but others around me; to express how thankful I am for all the wonderful people in my life. I want to say I am so blessed that I finally have a relationship with God; I am growing in my faith and putting my trust in him. I truly believe without God; I would be lost in life and a whole lot unhappier; I’d be directionless; like being on canoe without an oar.   I prayed about getting a new job and out of this difficult situation and now I have a new job; a new lease on life and God came through; on those days when I felt all alone and was so depressed; God was there; asking me to be patient and all I had to do was pray and have faith. God has given me hope and the strength to move forward in difficult times; it took me a long time to reach this point.

And God has also blessed me with friends and family who I love; people who are rooting for me; they are happy for me when things are going well and they are there for me on rough days when I feel sad and hurting. I have friends and family I can turn to when I am struggling and they listen and I am extremely grateful for that; not everyone has that.  I have had people welcome me back home  and let me stay with them when I made it back to DC; I have had people visit me here; it means so much.  I have had people send me cards and letters; sometimes I am overwhelmed at how kind people are; I really care about a lot of you. I know I say it a lot but I am grateful to have friends like you. I am grateful to have the chance to help with the disabled ministry too; it has been a light in my life when I have have dark days.  It is probably to best thing to happen to me in a very long time and I feel it’s a turning point; where I can serve others and get out of self centered thinking; it’s an incredible feeling

I am also extremely  grateful for  my parents; who help me out so much and love me and accept me for who I am.  I can come to them with any problems I have and are there for me. I am blessed to have them in my life and they have always stood by me. They have been my best advocates; at times when no one else believed.  I love my parents so much and God has truly blessed me and I am not sure where I’d be without them.  And besides my parents I have family who i love dearly; while I don’t see them often; I communicative with them and they are really supportive and we all care about each other.  Family is so important to me and to know they care so much; really makes a difference in my.  So again I am blessed with an incredible family.  I said it earlier but not everyone is so lucky to have such a large caring group of people who love them so much.

I just wanted to lastly that I feel my writing is a gift and it gives me a chance to express to my friends and family how much I care about them in a way I couldn’t do it in real.  It’s a gift of expression and sensitivity and it’s brought me closer to people and I am grateful for that.   I am a very lucky person and if I could just keep gratitude in my mind; I might be more positive and just feel better overall.  I also want to thank everyone who reads my writings; comments on my posts, follows my blogs.  Thank you so much; your support is so incredible and I am humbled and grateful for everything.  Have a wonderful thanksgiving.


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