Writing a poem

Feel uninspired and tired trying to get my brain fired up so I can write another piece. I don’t feel at ease and my mind is racing and my body aches just give me a second for goodness sake; I want to be real; write from the heart and not be fake so let me take some time to come up with a new rhyme; and if I’m lucky this can get published and I can make my first dime; because having all these stored up thoughts must be a crime. Hold on; I think I got something good; maybe I should write this on paper before I post; a pen in hand is when I’m most creative but these rhyming poems are the kind I’ve always hated; I think this will be faded into obscurity for it’s sheer absurdity because it makes no sense and I’m feeling tense so let me just take a break for your sake and end it here. But don’t fear; I’ll write some more in case you found this to be a bore.


Image may contain: David Aguilera, smiling, indoor


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